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8 Mindset Blocks That Are Keeping You Stuck in the Rat Race

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Tired of worrying about money? Desperately searching for the next customer? Do you feel like just walking away from your dreams?

We’ve all been there. And, believe me, it’s not a place you want to stay very long.

I’ve identified 8 mindset blocks that cause entrepreneurs and business owners to struggle—and ways to overcome them.

#1 Mindset Blocks that Limit View of Self

One major mindset block that I see in entrepreneurs is the view of their role. If you’ve plateaued or hit a ceiling for income, growth, or workload, then you may be treating yourself like a freelancer rather than a CEO

Are you the highest ranking person within your company? Are you the one ultimately responsible for making decisions? Do you manage the operations and team? 

If so, you ARE the CEO. 

If you don’t look at yourself as the CEO of your company, then you’re more likely thinking like a freelancer, which is something you can’t scale. Giving yourself the CEO title gives you a broader perspective and helps you to identify your business as something greater than yourself. 

#2 Scarcity Focused Mindset Blocks

Do you have a scarcity mindset? If so, it could prevent you from reaching the level of success that you’re after. 

Try to flip the script from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. 

  • I’m not good with money becomes . . . I love learning about money.
  • Someone else will take care of this for me becomes . . . I can take charge of my finances.
  • People with money are greedy becomes . . . Money gives people the opportunity to contribute and make a powerful impact.
  • I’m not _____(smart/talented/privileged/etc.) enough becomes . . . I am always enough just the way I am.

#3 The “No Sales” Obstacle

As entrepreneurs, we help our clients solve their problems, and we are constantly looking for ways to solve our own. 

So, when we hit BIG obstacles like…

No one is buying.

People are unsubscribing. 

Someone left a bad review.

It robs us of confidence. We start questioning everything, which is okay. But, it’s what you do next that makes you successful. 

Don’t. Give. Up.

No! Instead, work through these hard obstacles to discover what works for you, strengthen your determination, and find your unique path forward! (It will also make you invaluable to others facing obstacles.)

#4 Mindset Blocks Related to Fear

Do you have any hesitations in business right now? Or, are you procrastinating something in particular? Then, ask yourself: WHY? The truth is that as long as we are growing our business, we will experience fear. Learning how to overcome fear is one of the most important skill sets in business.

Fear can bring anxiety and stress, but it can also bring motivation to get work done. Going forward, use fear as a tool for decision making rather than something that prevents you from going after your dreams.

#5 Distracted by Comparison

Comparison can be another great tool to help us make decisions—OR it can completely derail us.

Maybe you’re doing research on your industry to gain what I call “competitive intelligence.”  We look at what our competitors are doing. We look for what specials they are running, what strategies appear to be working, and who they are servicing. That can be helpful.

But, watch out when you start to feel like you don’t measure up. You might start feeling inadequate and begin doing crazy things that are just a distraction and waste your time, effort, and money.

So friends, be inspired by others, but stay in your lane! 

#6 Limiting Beliefs Used as a Crutch

Limiting beliefs is a mindset block that prevents you from seeing possibilities and achieving your potential. This is why overcoming this one is so important! 

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs for entrepreneurs:

I should be able to figure it all out by myself.

The product or service must be perfect to launch.

I don’t have enough credentials or experience.

Do any of these run through your head? Is this belief really serving you? 

If you’re unsure what limiting beliefs you have or feel that overcoming these beliefs is impossible, it’s a good indication that you need some outside guidance. Consider hiring a coach or therapist to work with you. 

#7 Lack of Leadership

You may feel that you are automatically disqualified from this mindset block if you do not have a team. No way! Every entrepreneur needs to develop leadership skills in order to make better decisions for business AND life.

Leadership training helps you with things like vision, focus, strategic planning, communication, the ability to teach or mentor, etc.

You are a leader who should be working on leadership skills. You can do this very easily by reading self-help books, listening to podcasts about certain topics, and working through situations with mentors, coaches, and therapists. 

#8 Giving up Right Before a Breakthrough 

The worst thing I see entrepreneurs do is give up right before a breakthrough. 

Entrepreneurship is hard. Building a business that is sustainable is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But you CAN do it. 

Many people spend years working and building a business that never fully fulfills them. They live paycheck to paycheck, exhausted day to exhausted day. Here’s what you need to know:

A real breakthrough requires a breakdown. Then, push through to your breakthrough, and you’ll find the success that you’ve been searching for. 

Don’t give up!

We’re in This Together

All of these mindset blocks are common among entrepreneurs. Find a community that you can share in the journey with. Having a safe place to discuss these struggles is exactly why I began SOWBO. I needed it, too. We’re all in the process of overcoming, you’re not meant to do it alone. 

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