Find “More Freedom” with Online Course Designer Mara Kucirek

Today we are excited to feature online course designer and strategist and SOWBO Member Mara Kucirek!

Mara is the founder of Mara Kucirek, focusing on online course design, course content audits, and thrivecart templates. She provides accountability, tech support and strategic curriculum design that ensures that her client’s students actually learn something! And, she loves making passive income dreams come true!

Online Course Designer Mara Kucirek

Let’s get to know Mara and her work. (And keep an eye out for Mara’s gift to you at the end of the article!)

What is your “why” as an online course designer and strategist?

I love helping small business owners share their experience and educate others, while also growing their passive income so they can have more freedom in their business.

Who is your ideal client?

Entrepreneurs! I love helping small business owners grow their business and income. 

What makes you different from other online course designers and strategists?

I’m an instructional designer with a corporate background in education and I also spent time as a teacher! I focus on the student experience in online courses and help guide course creators to create an incredible online course experience that gets raving reviews from students. I’m a big believer in creating a real impact with the online education you are creating.  

Tell us something fun, quirky, or weird that you’d like our readers to know about you?

I have two border collies who keep me very active and busy. They love to interrupt Zoom meetings and think that since I work from home that means I have all the time in the world to just play with them!

What do you do for fun outside of running your business?

My husband and I love having annual passes to different places. We used to live in Orlando and would visit Disney World and Universal multiple times a week. Right now we have a botanical gardens annual pass that lets us get into a bunch of gardens around the United States. It means that we always have something fun to do on date night!

Who inspires you?

I get so inspired and fired up by other business owners! I love seeing what they are doing in their business and bouncing ideas off of one another!

What is your big scary dream?

Currently the dream I’m working on is launching a podcast, which is bringing up all sorts of imposter syndrome for me. But . . . I’m pushing through it and putting myself out there!

Is there one person or thing that you attribute your success to?

This is such a small thing, but the thing I tell other business owners who are trying to go full-time on their journey is to take 10 minutes a day to show up in places and be genuinely helpful. Early on in my business I would check into different Facebook groups every single day. Instead of pitching myself I focused on how I could help answer their questions. People took notice and started reaching out to me for my services.

What advice do you have for those on their entrepreneur journey?

Keep going. Success is not a linear path and sometimes the hardest days are followed by knocking your goals out of the park the next day.

What book or podcast do you think every business owner should consume? 

Deep Work by Cal Newport. He emphasizes how finding dedicated, uninterrupted time in your business is so important. This book has so many helpful ideas for getting there.

What is one thing you love about SOWBO and/or being a member of our community?

I’m obsessed with the way this community supports one another! Everyone is constantly looking out for each other, sharing ideas and being an incredible cheerleader.

Thanks to Mara Kucirek for sharing about her business! We love the way she transforms her clients’ experiences and expertise into content they can provide to others! You can get to know Mara and her work even better by visiting Mara Kucirek. And, Mara has a terrific gift for you . . . 100 Passive Income Ideas!

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