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Have you ever been in a room full of people who just didn’t get you? They couldn’t understand how you felt, what you needed, or how your brain functioned. We’ve all been there. Here’s the truth: entrepreneurship can be lonely. SOWBO was created out of that deep need for community that’s embedded in each of our hearts. When you join us, you’ll find people who truly understand your creative spirit, your business mind, and your heart to help your community. 

Created by women, 

by women. by women. by women.

SOWBO was born out of a need for community. It was created by women entrepreneurs just like you. It was created FOR you. 

We provide a platform that connects, excites, invests in, and challenges women business owners. You will often find us laughing, crying, learning, leading, and holding each other accountable. We are a real community of women who are on a mission to change the world with our products and services. 
I’m so glad that you’re here. Maybe my story sounds familiar. If you’re looking for a community that will change your business and your life for the better, then friend, you’ve found it!

I remember the first few years I was in business. I often found myself sitting in rooms full of people who just didn’t understand how I felt, what I needed, or how my brain worked. I was the only entrepreneur in the room.
After endless months of searching for friends who could relate to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, I decided to host a meet up. I posted something along the lines of, “Looking for friends who want to grow their blogs together.” I had no idea if anyone would show up or not, but I was desperate for community. I needed someone to understand my big, crazy, scary dreams. 

That first night in 2016, twenty women showed up. We talked for hours about purpose, passions, dreams, goals, tasks lists, cooking, laundry, and balancing everything that comes with being a female business owner. I left that meeting with a full heart, feeling excited, challenged, invested-in, and connected. Those twenty women decided to join me again the next month - except this time, they brought friends! Six months later, we had more women than the WholeFoods meal training space could hold, and SOWBO, the Society of Women Business Owners, came into existence.


Story Story Story

We’ve ditched “me” for “us” and found it makes all the difference. This community was birthed out of a need for authentic, intimate, & trusted relationships. We recognize that isolation is a dream-killer and that rising together is how we win.

Every aspect of SOWBO was designed for real women who desire profitable businesses. Trusted friendships are our main offering – everything else we do is created by requests of the women in our community.  

SOWBO is designed to support and encourage you along the path of entrepreneurship, because we believe that you are necessary to make the world a better place.

We’re building an ever-growing community of women who lend support to one another while positively impacting their cities, and there is always room at our table for you. 

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different? different? different?


Our hyper-focused in-person events provide time for you to work on your business while also building a deeper community with like minded women.

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Our membership includes personalized coaching, access to resources and educational training sessions, and many opportunities to connect with like-minded women.



The most visited are of our website, our resource library, contains digital guides, checklists, forms, recommended tools, how-to articles and so much more!

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SOWBO is trusted by:

Brand Designer & 
Conference Host

- Amber Zaricor

Amanda truly has a gift for capturing your vision, seeing the direction of a business, and speaking truth into your God-given gifts.” 

I’ve never felt more clarity and passion in my heart for the direction of my business.

Photography & travel agent

- Shannon LeBlanc

not only in my business, but also as an individual. She can push me out of my comfort zone and be a safe place to be vulnerable. I first joined her VIP group and after our first few interactions, I know this was the missing link I was looking for!”

When I first met with Amanda, I knew there was an undeniable connection that could help me grow...


- Emily Conley

Y'all - I got inspired at the Passive Income Mastermind to create a digital shop of DIY copy resources and it finally launched on Black Friday! It’s been less than a week and I’ve made 12 sales! This would NEVER have happened without everything I learned at the mastermind.”

It feels like a huge dream come true to actually watch passive income flow into my business.

Interior Designer

- Katelynn Dixon

We spent time reflecting over the past year and planning for the year ahead. Sometimes entrepreneurship is hard, like really really hard. But what a gift it is to have a community of other like minded, beautiful people. I cannot wait to watch the growth that we will have this year!”

My trip to Florida was life giving. I spent the week with 20+ other female business owners.

Virtual Fitness Coach

- Vanessa Flores

that Amanda has helped me with. I’ve been in business for about four years now and have been trying to figure out.  I know my revenue numbers that I want to hit, I know what action steps I need to take to get there, and I have a clear path set in place to help me reach those goals.”

SOWBO VIP has been a blessing to my business. For the first time ever, I have a strategic plan in place

Bookkeeping Coach

- Erika Millard

 I love the group coaching sessions. It’s packed full of such good information…”

I love the SOWBO membership and I think every female entrepreneur should join us!

Piano Teacher

- Morgan Showalter

It’s a place where there is a lot of connection and support. It’s a great encouraging community.

My favorite thing about the SOWBO community is that it’s a place where you can connect with other entrepreneurs who understand the joys and struggles of running your own business. 

Bringing women with creative spirits, 
business minds, and big hearts together.

Join Us.

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