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“A Magical Experience” with Brand Photographer Shannon LeBlanc of Lifestyle By LeBlanc

Meet Shannon LeBlanc! A SOWBO VIP Member, Shannon is the founder of Lifestyle by LeBlanc, a Nashville-based company focused on personal brand photography (AND Disney vacation planning).

Inspired by her own need for a brand photographer, Shannon started her business in 2015. She walks with her clients every step of the way—from planning to the photo shoot itself to incorporating the new images—to create a stress-free, magical experience. 

Let’s get to know Shannon LeBlanc and her work.

What is the specialty that you offer? 

Making life more magical one brand photography session (and Disney trip) at a time!

What is your “why” for being a brand photographer? 

I know how daunting and stressful owning a business can be, and I am passionate about helping alleviate some of that stress so you have more time for you and your family!  That is why I provide on-brand photos that will take the anxiety out of marketing!  This leaves my clients with more time for things like a Disney vacation!

As a brand photographer, who is your ideal client?

I love working with women business owners/mompreneurs who value the importance of showing up in their business and their family. My clients are looking for someone to walk with them through the process and who will share tips, tricks, ideas and is their cheerleader!

What makes you different from other brand photographers?

Working with me is an entirely magical experience. My goal when working with my clients is to show them that they are not alone. Whether it’s a brand photography shoot or helping them plan their dream Disney vacation, I am here every step of the way to help walk with them through the entire experience.  

When it comes to my brand photography process they have me right beside them from the day we book their shoot to the day their gallery is delivered and beyond. One of the things I noticed super quickly when working with my clients is that they don’t know how to use their photos once they get them. This is why my two largest sessions include a 9 photo instagram mockup that shows an example of how to layout their photos out on their instagram.  I also provide them with caption prompts to those photos so they are able to get their creative juices flowing!

Beyond your work as a brand photographer, tell us something fun, quirky, or weird that you’d like our readers to know about you?

It’s obvious that I love all things Disney, but I also have a crazy love for stickers!  I can’t even begin to tell you how many sticker books I have in my office, and I use them for everything from closing envelopes, to decorating my daily planner pages to adding them to a phone case. They just put such a smile on my face!!

What do you do for fun outside of being a brand photographer and running your business?

Outside of running my business, I love spending time with my husband and our two kids—traveling, playing games, watching movies and checking out new restaurants.  I also love soaking in a bubble bath while watching the latest episode of Real Housewives!

Who inspires you? 

Honestly, I find inspiration all around me. I feel blessed that I have so many inspiring people in my circle.  

I find lots of inspiration in my kids. They help me to see the wonder and imagination in life. They help me focus on the things that matter most. And, they sometimes have really great ideas!  Plus, they are always there putting a smile on my face! 

I also have some amazing friends who are boss babes in their industry.  They are all so talented and are amazing people to bounce ideas off of, partner with and they love to give me a little shove when I need it!

What is your big scary dream?

I want to own my own large natural light studio here in Franklin! I have a big vision of being able to really create a space that is functional, full of all the things you might want/need for your brand photography shoot. Then, my process would become full service—with hair, makeup, styling, the works!!

Is there one person or thing that you attribute your success to? 

My husband.  He pushes me… He has always believed that I am capable of big things and while I might not always love those hard-to-hear moments, in the end he’s normally right… (Now, Daniel if you’re reading this don’t let it go to your head 😜)

What advice do you have for those on their entrepreneur journey? 

Just start.  Don’t wait for it to be perfect because it will likely never be.  I can’t tell you the number of times I thought “Oh, if I just had this done” or “Man, if only I got this lens then people would come flocking to me.”  I still find myself paralyzed sometimes with fear and doubt but once I sort out why I am feeling that way, I move on and keep moving forward!

Thanks to Shannon LeBlanc for sharing her story and about her business! We love her passion for walking with her clients through every step of what could be a daunting process! Get to know Shannon and her work even better by visiting Lifestyle by LeBlanc.

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