Follow this Guide to Strategically Plan Your Business as the CEO

CEO vs. Freelancer: The Mindset

In this live, free training, we will discuss how to best plan your year as the CEO of your business. P.S. It is NOT too late to plan your year! 

Watch this training if:

? You have yet to map out your goals for 2021

? You’re feeling overwhelmed, behind, or unorganized

? The typical “vision board” process doesn’t work for you

? You’re just pure nosey & want to know why I decorate my walls with sticky notes


Key Training Takeaways:

  • How to plan from a CEO perspective 
  • How to shift from a freelancer mindset to a CEO mindset
  • Why mapping your 12-months in advance makes you a better CEO
  • The difference between a vision board and a strategic 12-month CEO plan 
  • How to do the process visually + what tools I use to make it happen

CEO vs. Freelancer Mindset

What is the difference between a CEO mindset and a freelancer mindset? Below is the starting list. 

✅ A CEO makes decisions from a worldview perspective.

⚠️ A freelancer considers what is in front of them (time, bank balance, upcoming bills) when making decisions.

✅ A CEO considers the business to be a large organization with many departments (even if there is a single operator).

⚠️ A freelancer considers themselves to be the only person who can produce the product/service.

✅ A CEO believes that time & money are equal in value. Delegates in order to achieve results w/out costing personal time. Rarely rejects an opportunity that can be delegated.

⚠️ A freelancer uses personal time to achieve results. Rarely delegates. See the limitation of time.

See more on delegating + staying in your zone of genius in this article. 

✅ A CEO knows their numbers (profit margin, COGS, closing ratios, etc). Resourceful.

⚠️ A freelancer considers their earnings to be all their own money – no distinction between business  & personal funds.

✅ A CEO focuses on leadership, building a team, solving problems, & scaling.

⚠️ A freelancer focuses on client retention, increasing hourly rates, technical skills, & time management.

7 Benefits of Planning from a CEO Perspective

  1. Forces you to look at the previous year & see what needs to improve and what is working well. 
  2. Helps you to build STRATEGY for your business (a real plan) 
  3. Gives you a worldview perspective of your business (getting in the weeds = limiting) 
  4. Helps you to see your capacity, such as: 
    • How many launches you can have
    • How many projects you can do
    • How many builds you can do
  5. Helps you to plan for vacation & rest 
  6. Helps you to spread out your “pitch” focus & know when to run specials 
  7. Gives you a plan to work from rather than just shooting from the hip 

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