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4 Reasons Why Community is Important to Entrepreneurship

We hear a lot about how community is important to entrepreneurship, but did you know that it is actually vital to the success of your business? Even the strongest, most successful women entrepreneurs have community support. 

Maybe you’re like me… you have a ton of girlfriends, but most of them either stay home with the kids while their husband supports them OR they are climbing the safe and predictable, corporate ladder. Your parents retired from the corporate world and that’s all they know/understand.

Your friends and family arrive at work by 9 AM each weekday morning, they complete the tasks assigned by their boss, and a paycheck lands in their bank account once a month. They have monthly and yearly performance reviews with their supervisors that let them know how they are doing. 

You, my dear entrepreneur, live in a completely different world. Your work schedule is built on meeting clients needs, you manage your own projects and assignments, and the money fluctuates depending on the season. Always trying to keep a pulse on your small business, you are its primary cheerleader and critic.

Truth is, the life of an entrepreneur can be a little lonely at times. 

We get it. We know you need a community to survive and grow. That’s why we are here; it’s our story because SOWBO was founded to provide a community for women small business owners and entrepreneurs! 

Reason 1: You Need Community when it Gets Tough

Who do you turn to when a project gets derailed or a client is disappointed in your work? What about when you are all out of ideas or feel like your business has hit a ceiling? Or when you are second-guessing a decision or whether you should have gone into business at all?

In tough seasons like these, friends and family can offer a sympathetic ear, but you need someone who understands exactly what you are going through. You need a transparent, experienced, trustworthy community of people who can pick you up, dust you off, and speak life into the great work you are doing. You need someone to walk by your side until the tough time gives way to a brighter day. (Because it will!)

Reason 2: Isolation is a Dream Killer 

Similarly, if you are working day in and day out in isolation, you will soon find your motivation drying up and your dreams sputtering. In community, you will find the support, encouragement, and hope that comes from testing ideas, brainstorming solutions, and sharing your aspirations with like-minded people. You will get rejuvenated by others pouring into you—and you giving back to others. 

Find a tribe and let those dreams thrive!

Reason 3: Gain Confidence

Once you are part of a community of business owners and entrepreneurs, the benefits will begin to flow! Sharing your ideas and struggles will allow you to get good, solid advice and feedback as well as learn from other’s mistakes. Women business owners and entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry, are a treasure trove of wisdom; they know great new products and apps (the ones that really do the job) and all the tricks of the trade that save time and money.

In community, you will gain more confidence to take calculated risks, to stretch yourself, and to keep investing, so that you and your business can grow. 

Reason 4: Boost Partnerships—and Friendships

Now, we are business women, so let’s get practical for a minute. Community is important to business and entrepreneurial endeavors because it creates essential networks, solidifies partnerships, and brings new business—all keys to success. 

The members of your community can be referral partners (recommending you and your services to their friends and clients), pass along leads to you, connect you to a larger network of people in and out of your industry, and promote you and your business by word of mouth or on social media.

Then, you can do all this for them, too! You can give referrals and leads, connect people, and promote the small businesses that you love and depend on! And, naturally, these business partnerships will develop into some dear friendships as you do life together! 

Two Ways to Build Community with SOWBO

Where can you find this community? Right here. SOWBO would love for you to join US! 

One way is to join our Facebook Group. You will have access to thousands of business women like you. This is your place to meet an active community of business women from all over the country, ask your burning questions, access valuable tools and resources, gain confidence and get encouragement! Women support women, so you can expect lots of love on social posts, lots of commiserating when you are frustrated, and lots of celebrating when you succeed! 

Our Mastermind retreats are another favorite SOWBO community builder. At our Masterminds, a small group of women meets together in a beautiful setting for an intensive 3- or 4-day retreat focused on a specific topic. We would love to have you register for our upcoming Passive Income Mastermind, September 7-10, 2021 at the Graduate Hotel in downtown Nashville, TN. We are going to dive deep and learn about the best passive income streams to add to our existing businesses. You can read all about it and register here.

Join us! Can’t wait to see what you will bring to our community! We know it will be amazing!

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