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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SOWBO for? 

We support women who have existing businesses and desire to grow in their knowledge and skills while also connecting regularly with other strong and talented women. Our community . . .
Strives to balance health, relationships, & business.
Uses their business to fulfill their purpose (purpose driven).
Desires to be fulfilled, passionate, and free.

How long has SOWBO been around? 

We began as a small meetup in Nashville, Tennessee back in June of 2016. Our live events, especially our planning retreats, attracted women from all over. We made the shift to 100% virtual monthly membership in 2020, but have continued to host our in-person retreats and masterminds twice per year in various cities around America. You can read our full story here

Why should I join an entrepreneur community? 

Isolation can be a dream killer! You need a like-minded community to help you celebrate the wins and walk with you when it gets tough (because it will). You will gain confidence by joining an entrepreneur community. Ultimately, you will also boost partnerships—and friendships. SOWBO has three great ways for you to jump into our community: Facebook, Masterminds and Retreats, and Membership.

What makes SOWBO different from other female entrepreneur communities? 

SOWBO is a very special group of women. Here are some SOWBO distinctives . . . 
  • The women in this community wear integrity and love as a badge of honor. 
  • They understand that their success matters, but also care deeply about the success of the other women in the community. 
  • The women respect each other, no matter the level of business or state of life.
  • We all recognize that running a business can be fulfilling, but it’s not the only thing happening. The journey of entrepreneurship is a personal balance of life, relationships, and business.
  • Sure, we network with one another and that leads to referrals and connections, but, most importantly, we make genuine connections and life-long friendships with other women who truly understand what it’s like to be a CEO of your own company.
  • We offer live educational moments, hot seat coaching, and even 1:1 coaching opportunities in our program. 
  • We travel to new places together! We meet every January to map out our next year for our businesses and again in September to focus on profit-increasing strategies. January is usually in the Florida panhandle and September is in a city that everyone votes to visit as a community.
  • We have SO MUCH FUN HERE!

What type of businesses and industries participate in SOWBO? 

Agency Owners
Interior Designers
Graphic Designers
Website Designers
Doulas, Midwives, & Nannies
Online Business Owners
Virtual Assistants
Social Media Managers
Digital Marketers
Fitness & Nutrition Coaches
Life & Mindset Coaches
Business Coaches
Bookkeepers & Accountants
Attorneys & Legal Aids
Realtors & Transaction Coordinators
Home Service Providers
Brand, Lifestyle, & Wedding Photographers
Event Planners & Wedding Service Providers
Music Education Providers
Therapists, Psychologists, & Psychiatrists 
Financial Planners
Mortgage & Insurance Providers

How do I know if I need a business coach? 

Tell-tale signs of needing a business coach are… You feel lost and need a compass to guide you. You feel tired and need a catalyst for change. You can’t see your situation any other way and you need an outside perspective from another business-savvy woman. You are unsure how your current plans will meet your long-term goals and you need a clarifier. You feel discouraged and are questioning everything and you need a cheerleader. If any of these describe you, a business coach would be a great help on your journey. Read more and book a discovery call today!

What is a VIP Member? Insiders? 

SOWBO has two levels of membership: VIP and Insiders. All the details can be found here for VIP and here for Insiders. 

How do I know which membership level is best for me? 

It depends on how much support and accountability you need in this season. Insider Membership is for women who need a trusted community, reminders from a business coach regarding what to focus on, and regular feedback from other entrepreneurs. VIP Members have the same needs PLUS a desire to have private, one-on-one conversations with their business coach to work through mapping, planning, brainstorming, and tough entrepreneurial situations.

Is there a commitment to joining the membership? 

VIP level of membership requires a 12-month commitment, but the Insider level of membership is simply a month-to-month commitment. 

Is there a way to test the coaching experience before signing up? 

We invite non-members to a live group session a couple of times a year. This is the best time to take a test drive on membership. In addition, we offer the opportunity for a single complimentary coaching session for those considering joining the VIP program. Make sure you’re on the waitlist for updates on when spots open back up. 

Do members receive any type of discount on live event tickets?

Yes, all members receive a discount on event tickets and often receive exclusive offers to special deals.  See our live event list here. 

How often does the community get together? 

We gather twice per month over zoom and twice per year at live events. All community gatherings are optional for members, but we highly encourage participating as often as possible in order to receive the most from the community.

What topics are discussed in the virtual group training and coaching events? 

We discuss a variety of topics including goal setting, marketing, increasing profit, leadership training, time management, and so much more. Here are just a few discussion topics we’ve done recently:
Knowing Your Ideal Customer
Becoming Known as the Expert
Sales Funnel
Content Planning
Launch Strategy
Time Management
Becoming a Successful Leader
Knowing Your Numbers
Promotional Planning
Elements of a Highly Engaged Webinar
Goal Planning by Quarter

Are events open to the general public or are they only for members?

Currently all live, in-person events—like our Mastermind and retreats—are open for any woman in business, member or not. We allow this so that those considering joining our community can receive the full SOWBO experience and learn what we are all about. 

- Marcus Lemonis 

Businesses are based on relationships and 
relationships are based on people. 

Brand Designer & 
Conference Host

- Amber Zaricor

Amanda truly has a gift for capturing your vision, seeing the direction of a business, and speaking truth into your God-given gifts.” 

I’ve never felt more clarity and passion in my heart for the direction of my business.

Photography & travel agent

- Shannon LeBlanc

not only in my business, but also as an individual. She can push me out of my comfort zone and be a safe place to be vulnerable. I first joined her VIP group and after our first few interactions, I know this was the missing link I was looking for!”

When I first met with Amanda, I knew there was an undeniable connection that could help me grow...


- Emily Conley

Y'all - I got inspired at the Passive Income Mastermind to create a digital shop of DIY copy resources and it finally launched on Black Friday! It’s been less than a week and I’ve made 12 sales! This would NEVER have happened without everything I learned at the mastermind.”

It feels like a huge dream come true to actually watch passive income flow into my business.

Interior Designer

- Katelynn Dixon

We spent time reflecting over the past year and planning for the year ahead. Sometimes entrepreneurship is hard, like really really hard. But what a gift it is to have a community of other like minded, beautiful people. I cannot wait to watch the growth that we will have this year!”

My trip to Florida was life giving. I spent the week with 20+ other female business owners.

Virtual Fitness Coach

- Vanessa Flores

that Amanda has helped me with. I’ve been in business for about four years now and have been trying to figure out.  I know my revenue numbers that I want to hit, I know what action steps I need to take to get there, and I have a clear path set in place to help me reach those goals.”

SOWBO VIP has been a blessing to my business. For the first time ever, I have a strategic plan in place

Bookkeeping Coach

- Erika Millard

 I love the group coaching sessions. It’s packed full of such good information…”

I love the SOWBO membership and I think every female entrepreneur should join us!

Piano Teacher

- Morgan Showalter

It’s a place where there is a lot of connection and support. It’s a great encouraging community.

My favorite thing about the SOWBO community is that it’s a place where you can connect with other entrepreneurs who understand the joys and struggles of running your own business. 

Bringing women with creative spirits, 
business minds, and big hearts together.

Join Us.

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