Encourage Her Shop Sweatshirt

Encourage Her, the New SOWBO Shop!

We have some exciting news! The red ribbon has been cut and SOWBO’s Encourage Her Etsy shop is officially open for business! 

Amanda, our founder, wanted to encourage her coaching clients and entrepreneur friends with gifts and products designed just for them, and we want you to have that option too! So, we have filled our new Encourage Her shop with beautiful, inspiring gifts and products.

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Now, with just a few clicks,  you can show appreciation to the hard-working business women, entrepreneurs, and moms in your life, honoring them for the way they balance hundreds of tasks while showing patience, compassion, and love to those around them. 

Encouragement—Who Needs It?

Turns out, we all do! A little encouragement—giving support, confidence or hope—goes a long way, especially when someone feels a little lonely in the big, complex world of business or like they are slogging through a dry season. 

Who are some of the chief encouragers in your life? The ones who came along at the right moment or said just the right thing to boost your confidence and recharge your momentum? Who told you that you could turn your hobby into a business or that your gifts included an entrepreneurial spirit and insight? You are thankful for them, right?

Now, you can encourage someone with a gift from the SOWBO shop. Give her the courage to keep stretching toward her goals, motivate her to overcome those obstacles, and make her feel loved and supported! Celebrate her birthday, special anniversary, or important milestone! Or, surprise her just for fun! 

Encourage Her Shop Sweatshirt

I’ll Take One of Each, Please!

We have lots of great, hand-picked options in our shop—all high-quality, colorful, and inspiring. Consider . . .

  • Mugs for that morning coffee or afternoon tea.  Choose from our Overcomer, Mover-Shaker, Abundance Mindset, or Women Making History mugs.
  • Engraved Necklaces that will remind her that she is seen, appreciated, and loved. Choose from Creator, Mover-Shaker, or Do What You Love engraved necklaces.
  • Fun Tees, including Southern Sayings (like our “For the Love of Peaches” in white or peach), Mama, or Mover-Shaker.
  • Phone Cases like our You Got This, Wild and Free, Overcomer, or beautiful Floral print. 

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Moving from the pretty to the practical, we also offer instant downloads in the shop such as the Ideal Customer Workbook and Guide, Ten Steps to Define Your Core Values, Business Registration Guide, and CEO New Year Planning Guide.

These four tested and approved guides are an invaluable asset, especially for a friend who is just getting her business off the ground or for someone who needs guidance in one of these critical areas. In these four guides, you will find some of our best coaching tips and planning templates in easy-to-use formats.


We here at SOWBO are thankful to those who have encouraged and cheered us on. Our clients and friends have taken that big leap of faith to become entrepreneurs and business owners – we are so proud!

We are glad to provide you with some great choices to encourage the hard-working women in your life! So, head on over to our Encourage Her shop, look around, and find the perfect item for them. (And we don’t mind if you pick up a little something for yourself! Like our moms always said, “The best gift is one you wouldn’t mind getting!”)

While you are over at the shop, go ahead and follow us on Etsy, so you will stay up-to-date on new productions and promotions.

AND, of course, Encourage Her supports SOWBO and our commitment to guiding, coaching, and championing women along the path of business ownership and entrepreneurship. 

Happy Shopping! 

P.S. The products found on our Encourage Her Shop are “print on demand” products – one of our passive income streams at SOWBO. If you want to learn more about how we make money through POD products, then join us at the upcoming SOWBO mastermind.

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