How Community Inspires Passion

Sincere Gratitude and Generosity Will Grow Your Business

We talk about gratitude and generosity in life, but what about in business?  

The truth is that sincere gratitude and generosity—flowing from an abundance mindset—is a way to grow your business and make money.

If you feel like your business has plateaued or you don’t have enough, an abundance mindset can really help your business prosper. Showing gratitude and being generous have both an internal and external impact on your business by defining culture and shaping operations, spreading to your team, clients, vendors, and contractors.

What is gratitude?

Being thankful. Showing appreciation. Acknowledging what you have. Returning kindness.

The opposite of gratitude is entitlement. Why don’t we want to be entitled? Because it is a self-serving attitude that says that things revolve around you and that you are owed things. 

Yes, you have worked hard to achieve things. But, looking back, you can see all the people and circumstances that propelled you to this point. Gratitude is the proper response.

How can we show gratitude in our businesses? 

Cultivate a sense of appreciation in all directions: to your customers and clients, strategics partners, employees, contractors, and vendors. It creates a positive internal culture. Then, this culture spills out into all the other areas of your business like:

Customer relations. It often feels like customer service is dying. Do you know a place with great customer service? Customer relations really matter and, if a customer has a positive experience, they want to go back. 

Networking and partnership. When we have gratitude for our networks and partnerships, it is more likely these people will refer you to others. 

Gratitude is a worthwhile investment of time and energy. Let’s look at some examples.

Practical ways to show gratitude

#1 Send thank you notes.

#2 Celebrate milestones.

#3 Provide development opportunities for team members. 

#4 Host customer and partner appreciation events.

#5 Create a customer loyalty program.

#6 Personalized outreach. 

#7 Respond to feedback.

#8 Provide exceptional service.

#9 Participate in a charitable initiative locally or in an online community.

#10 Offer educational content.

#11 Create a referral program.

#12 Stay responsive.

#13 Solicit testimonials and reviews.

#14 Prioritize transparency and honesty.

#15 Share success stories.

#16 Engage on social media.

Sincerity and consistency are key when practicing gratitude in your small business. Do it because it is who you are, not to get something.

Where does generosity show up in business?

First, philanthropy. This just means that you are giving back; your business is doing good to the community or the world. Ask yourself: How can my business create an impact in the community and the world? 

Next, employee benefits. If you have employees or plan to have team members who will grow into employees, consider benefits. The most generous employers provide employee benefits because it creates loyal employees. 

Also, customer experience. Go above and beyond to make sure all your customers have a good experience with your business. Solicit feedback and reviews to make sure you are customers are receiving the excellent service you hope to provide.

Finally, innovation. Be cutting edge and up-to-date, always on the lookout for ways to improve or make things better for your employees and customers.

Practical ways to be generous 

#1 Offer discounts and promotions.

#2 Provide free resources and content. (People will ask, “If this is free, what is going to be like to work with her?!”)

#3 Give donations to charity and philanthropy.

#4 Do pro-bono work. (SOWBO was built on pro-bono work. I didn’t want to say “no.” I wanted to help people who couldn’t “afford” to be helped. It’s actually a long-term investment because when you give help, people then have the ability to pay you or refer you. They become super fans.)

#5 Perform random acts of kindness for your team and customers.

#6 Create customer loyalty programs.

#7 Offer mentoring and support.

#8 Participate in environment initiatives.

#9 Collaborate with suppliers and partners.

#10 Offer grants and scholarships.

#11 Volunteer in the community.

#12 Give flexible payment option

Generosity within your business can take many forms, but it is essential that it aligns with your values and resonate with your target audience.

The Ripple Effect

Gratitude inspires generosity. And generosity fosters gratitude. It’s a ripple effect. Together they create:

  • Positive culture and engagement
  • Customer loyalty and positive brand image
  • Community and social responsibility
  • Strong relationships and collaborations
  • Resilience and long-term success 
  • Faster recovery from hard times

All of this is rooted in abundance thinking; freely give and freely receive. The reality is that abundance thinking costs you time, energy and money. It might feel like it is going to cost too much, and that you don’t have anything else to give, but not thinking abundantly is going to cost you more!! 

SOWBO is full of gracious and generous women, and I am thankful that I get to witness and be blessed by this each day! Want to join us? We would love to have you join our gracious and generous community of women business owners.

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