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5 Signs You Need to Hire a Business Coach Now

When is a good time to hire a business coach? To be honest, there isn’t a “bad time” to hire a business coach – a coach always helps with growth, clarity, stressers, accountability, and revenue. However, there are seasons where a hiring a coach is a MUST. Let’s take your small business-owner pulse to see if now is that season.

Ask yourself these questions:

Does your to-do list overwhelm you?

Are you stressed?

Do you feel stuck in the same routines and methods? 

Are you burned out or discouraged? 

Are you experiencing decreased revenue or profits? Lack of repeat clients?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions is a tell-tale sign that you need to hire a business coach.

Think back to when the idea of starting your own business first flickered across your mind. Maybe you wanted to add a side gig to your day job. Maybe you thought your hobby could produce a bit of revenue. Or, maybe you saw a way to use your talents and experiences to become your own boss and set your own schedule. 

Whichever scenario describes you, you were dreaming BIG. And, when you actually launched your business, the ideas flowed. You read books and articles about your industry, scoured the internet for tricks and tips, and talked to anyone who would listen. You saw opportunities and inspiration everywhere you looked. 

What about now? Time has passed and you’ve learned a lot, but you may feel like your well of ideas and resources is running dry. You keep hitting roadblocks and wonder if you are experiencing a bit of burn out or maybe even questioning if you should continue to own a business. You have realized that sometimes it is a little lonely to be a small business owner. 

We here at SOWBO strongly encourage you to hire a business coach—a Compass, a Catalyst, a Constructive Critic, a Clarifier, and a Cheerleader—to help you learn, grow, connect, align, and execute. 

Here are 5 Tell-Tale Signs that You Need to Hire a Business Coach:

#1 – You feel lost.

It is common for entrepreneurs to feel a sense of being lost after a few years of being in business. You’re no longer sure if you’re working with the right customers or offering the right services. A business coach is a COMPASS, pointing you in the right direction, helping you stay on track, and reminding you why you do what you do.

#2 – You feel tired.

Entrepreneurship can be exhausting – especially if you fail to delegate the tasks not within your zone of genius. However, what is even more exhausting than a never-ending to-do list is… burn-out. You may experience burn-out for various reasons, but the ultimate goal is to defuse it quickly and get back to the positive energy that fuels you forward.

As a CATALYST, a business coach will energize your business with new ideas, knowledge, technology, skill development, and best practices for your industry; helping you to find new ways to grow and stretch as a person and as a business owner.

#3 – You can’t see it any other way. 

Don’t be surprised if the burn-out has you narrow-focused. When our brains get overwhelmed or exhausted, they tend to shut-down our creative juices. You may feel as though there is no way other than the hard way. You may have the expectation that you’re in too deep and no one else understands. These are all signs that you’re running on fumes and need an outside perspective ASAP.

A business coach is a CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIC who can listen to your ideas, note your blind spots, and give you valuable feedback while holding you accountable to your goals.

#4 – You’re unsure how the current plans add up to your long-term goals. 

When you first had the idea – it all made sense. Then, you got a few months (or even years) into the process and now you’re unsure how the current plans lead you to the long-term goals. Flexibility and freedom feel too far away. This state is common among entrepreneurs who play the comparison game. You’ve been so busy in the weeds that you’ve lost focus.

As a CLARIFIER, a business coach will ensure that your plans are actionable and the best way to meet your short-term and long-term goals. Together, you will examine your business AND personal goals to make sure they are in sync. 

#5 – You feel discouraged and are questioning everything.

I don’t care who you are – it is a known fact that insecurities creep into every entrepreneur! Even the most successful people have moments where they feel discouraged. In these moments, it is crucial to have someone who is understanding, reliable, and who reminds you of your “why.”

A business coach is a CHEERLEADER, standing on the sidelines of your business—helping you face your fears, reminding you that you are part of a community, giving you encouragement on the tough days, and celebrating your victories!!

Hiring a business coach is not a luxury; it is a necessity. SOWBO has business coaches and packages for ALL levels of women in business. We would love to chat with you and help you find the right fit and plan for your business coaching needs.

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