SOWBO Pledge

While participating in SOWBO, I pledge to:

  • Be a beacon of light and encouragement!

  • Let go of all the distractions that could prevent me from being present.

  • Be committed to my own success as well as the success of those around me.

  • Be open and honest about my life, my business, my circumstances, and my scariest dreams… while also respectfully listening to others share the same.

  • Not allow someone else’s success to bring out jealousy, spite, or any form of comparison syndrome. I am enough and I deserve to be here!

  • Be a person of integrity, creating a safe place for the women around me to confidently share their biggest hopes, dreams, and ideas.

  • Be inspired with my own fresh ideas and embrace originality rather than forge a fellow SOWBO member’s hard work. I am capable of creating something beautiful, new, and uniquely mine!

  • Be a person who does not gossip, tear down, or intentionally cause harm to others. Rather, I will empower, encourage, inspire, and motivate!

  • Consider all women in the room equal and deserving of success. We are on this journey together!

Bringing women with creative spirits, 
business minds, and big hearts together.

Join Us.

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