“Don’t Give Up!” with Pinterest Marketing Specialist April Aramanda

Today we are excited to feature Pinterest Marketing Specialist & SOWBO VIP Member April Aramanda!

April is the founder of Rise and Grind, a Pinterest marketing service. Her goal is to help her clients grow their business by creating Pinterest marketing strategy made just for them and managing their Pinterest account. She does the work that enables them to spend more time in their zone of genius.

Let’s get to know April and her work. (And keep an eye out for April’s gift to you at the end of the article!)

What is your “why” for offering Pinterest marketing services?

I started my business to help contribute to my family and to have a job with flexible hours to help take care of my aging parents. I have since found enjoyment in helping female entrepreneurs succeed in their business through my services.

Who is your ideal Pinterest marketing client?

Female Service Based Businesses

What makes Rise and Grind different from other Pinterest marketing services?

Knowing there is no one size fits all strategies for Pinterest marketing, I treat each business as the unique business that it is. I work hard to come up with a strategy that works for each individual client and their goals because I want your business to succeed and for you to see results from your marketing efforts. I treat each business as if it was my own—giving it the care that I would my own business.

Tell us something fun, quirky, or weird that you’d like our readers to know about you?

I love to read, crochet, and cross stitch; I sing for my church’s praise team; and I love the TV series Friends.

What do you do for fun outside of Pinterest marketing services?

For fun, I love to play video games 🙂

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by several of the women in SOWBO. I see their hearts for others, hear their encouragement for those around them, and love to see them succeed. Being a part of this community has given me renewed energy for my business.

What is your big scary dream?

To run a boutique Pinterest agency and to host a podcast for those with invisible illnesses.

Is there one person or thing that you attribute your success to?

God is the only reason I have any success at all. Without Him, I am nothing.

What advice do you have for those on their entrepreneur journey?

Keep going. It may feel like your growth is too slow, but slow growth may be just what you need and more sustainable than running the rat race, trying to hustle hustle hustle. Don’t give up!

What book or podcast do you think every business owner should consume? 

Growing Slow by Jennifer Dukes Lee

What is one thing you love about SOWBO and/or being a member of our community?

I love the encouragement and community this group provides. It helps me know I am not alone and there are others I can lean on.

Thanks to April Aramanda for sharing about herself and her business! We love her encouragement that slow growth may be the best, most sustainable way to grow. Get to know April and her work even better by visiting Rise and Grind. Also, grab her free Planning for Success download, which is a step-by-step guide to organizing your business goal with Pinterest. 

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