Why People Who Aren’t In Mastermind Groups Struggle to be Successful

March 12, 2020

There is strength in numbers, but oftentimes when we’re running a business, we isolate. We wear all the hats and run the show alone… and this is exhausting! As a support group for female entrepreneurs, we’ve seen how isolation takes a passion and dream, and fizzes it out over time. 

We believe that brainstorming and growing together as a group can lead to huge strides in your business. We’re big fans of mastermind groups and the support and accountability they provide! Here are 4 reasons why your business needs a mastermind this year: 


One of our favorite things about a mastermind is that you create community and work together. There’s something about sitting at a table with others that makes you accountable and pushes you to complete tasks and reach your goals. 

If you set a goal for yourself and verbally share it with your mastermind group, you will immediately have a room full of people committed to seeing you reach that goal. Masterminds are great for business owners that need an extra push or struggle to keep up with to-dos that lead to business growth.


Have you ever been stuck in your business? A mastermind is one of the best ways to get unstuck and move forward! Masterminds can provide business breakthroughs because of the brainstorming and problem solving that happens as a group. When you’re able to brainstorm solutions to problems and share resources, you’ll find that it’s easy to get past your struggle!


You know that little voice in your head that says to dream smaller or that reminds you that you can’t do it? A mastermind will help you when self doubt and insecurity kick in! Mastermind groups are a great way to surround yourself with ladies that think and act with an abundance mindset. When you’re surrounded by other high achievers that dream big, you will find yourself challenged to do the same! No dream is too big and no goal is unreachable!


Our favorite thing about masterminds is that they allow you to be innovative and gain a fresh perspective. A mastermind can be made up of ladies outside of your own industry! When you’re surrounded by ladies who work differently than you, you start thinking outside of the box. A mastermind will leave you with new marketing and lead generation strategies that haven’t necessarily been done in your industry yet! Talk about standing out and setting yourself apart!

There you have it! We’ve benefited first hand from mastermind groups and know what a game changer the experience can be! That’s why we offer 2 types of masterminds at SOWBO that can meet you where you are. 

SOWBO Mastermind Weekend

Maybe you’re already running a successful business, but you’re not sure what your next steps are or how you want to scale it to increase current profits. Or you’re ready to figure out how to work less while making more. Our application only, hyper-focused SOWBO Mastermind getaway is probably the right fit for you. This intensive, working weekend at the beach is a chance to brainstorm and collaborate with other high achieving CEOs on business!

Soar in 90 Days Mastermind

Are you launching a business this year or currently working a side hustle? Soar in 90 Days is perfect for you! This group mastermind experience was created to help you build your side hustle or new business to a profitable business in just 90 days! A SOWBO certified coach walks you through how to get clear on the heartbeat of your business, leverage your gifts and talents to create a profitable business, and design an intentional plan to turn prospects into paying clients.

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