Know these 6 Things Before You Launch Your Next Product

Before You Launch a New Product

So, you’ve got a fantastic product ready to roll out and launch to the world. Should you hit publish on your marketing campaigns and tell the masses? Maybe not quite yet. Before you launch a new product, no matter how big or small, run through our list to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. 

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Launch:

#1 – Who is your customer? 

No, we don’t mean simple demographics or data. We believe that in order to sell to a customer, you have to really know them – not just their age and zip code, but their needs, and how your product can meet those needs. Describe your customer in detail. Is she a stressed-out single mom who needs an hour of yoga to clear her mind and take care of herself? Is he a first time pet owner who loves his puppy, but has no idea how to train him?

Note: this may be an extension of the customer avatar you’ve already defined for your business. Don’t be afraid to expand those profiles into the nitty gritty! The better you know your clientele, the more product you’ll sell. We developed this worksheet and guide to help you fully understand your customer.

#2 – Why does your customer need you? 

Once you define your customer’s pain point, you’ll know how to best present your product. Now, you just need to show your customer that you’ve got their solution. What makes your product the best fit for their needs? Spell it out clearly, so it’s a no-brainer for them to hit “buy now.”

#3 – Where is your customer? 

Since you’ve already done the work of getting to know them, it won’t be hard to figure out where they spend their time. Do they shop on specific websites, or are they more of a social media scroller? Would you find them frequenting gyms, restaurants, or local shops?

No matter how you decide to market, remember to get your marketing in front of your ideal customer. Advertising on sites they never visit is a waste of your money. Find your customer and sell to them in their “natural habitat,” so to speak. 

#4 – Know your competitor.

We’re sure you know your product inside and out — but do you know about your product’s competition? Market research is a crucial step, and it should always come before your marketing even begins. Who else sells a product like yours? What makes yours better? If you’re going to offer a product at a higher price point than your competition, get really clear on why that product deserves every cent. If you’re comparable in price point, key in on the unique aspects of what you’re offering. 

#5 – Identify your customer’s journey.

Plot your customer’s journey to purchasing your product, from first interaction to “in the bag.” What decisions do they have to make along the way to checkout? Do they need additional information or complementary products before they’ll make a purchase with you? By mapping out their customer journey, you can eliminate as many roadblocks as possible and answer questions before they even arise. 

#6 – Test before you launch.

You’ve researched your client and your competition. Before you serve your product to the world, take it to the test kitchen. Do you have friends, family, or existing clients that fit your customer profile? Let them sample your product first. If you don’t know anyone who could help, offer a group who fits your demographic a free trial.

Most likely, they will offer insights you’ve missed, and their feedback will be a valuable tool in improving both your product and your marketing before the masses ever see it. Additionally, your test group will likely help you build your FAQ and testimonials pages, so it’s a win to loop others in before you launch. 

These six steps will supercharge your success – we’ve seen it time and time again. We can’t wait to see what you launch into the world next!

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