“Build Your Business” with Website Design Expert Makena Delaney

Today we are pleased to feature Brand and Website Designer & SOWBO Member Makena Delaney!

Makena Delaney is the founder of The Carlyle Creative. Based in Nashville, TN, Makena build brands, websites, and visuals that boost credibility and confidence. She considers herself a personal guide for her clients on a journey to creating a cohesive, strategic, and effective business.

Let’s get to know Makena and her work!

What is your “why” for building brands and website design?

I love helping female service providers and solopreneurs create online visuals that they are proud to promote. As a former makeup artist, I am used to giving people a bit of a makeover, and I loved how I was able to help women step into their confidence. Brand and Website design offers that same level of confidence building, and I’m super passionate about that.

Who is your ideal brand and website design client?

Female Service Providers and Soloprenuers (then I often help their husbands, too!)

What makes you different from other brand and website designers?

I have a super detailed process that involves a lot of bigger picture education and coaching. I help my clients to actually build their businesses rather than just designing something for the heck of it. Every decision I make has a meaning behind it for the betterment of the business.

What is something fun, quirky, or weird that you’d like our readers to know about you?

I’m obsessed with Jimmy Buffett and heartbroken at his death! He’s had such a huge impact on my life, but what makes it even funnier is that I’m a beach hater!

What do you do for fun outside of brand and website design?

I love to shop. I love beauty products and trying out new things. Lately, I’ve begun to enjoy making jewelry again!

Who inspires you?

Cody Sanchez and other people who work around the system.

What is your big scary dream?

I want to own tons and tons of real estate. And, eventually, I want to own a salon-suite business where I can offer marketing coaching to beauty professionals. They started their business because of a passion for their trade, but the business ownership side is challenging. I’d love to help them! 

What is one thing that you attribute your success to?

My ability to learn on the fly. I have really always had education at the forefront of my mind, even as a little kid. I was well aware from an early age that there really isn’t anything I can’t learn to do. (Now, there are, of course, practical limitations. I’m never gonna be tall enough to be a top tier athlete.) But if someone else has learned something, so can I.

What advice do you have for those on their entrepreneur journey?

Find a community STAT! Having friends in business completely changes everything. It’s so hard to do business alone, and I think that’s what causes so much failure. Having people that will lift you up no matter how hard things get is what keeps you going.

What book or podcast do you think every business owner should consume? Why is this important to you?

To Sell Is Human. I used to be super duper shy and introverted. I’m still that way in some contexts, but I learned from that book that selling is part of the human experience. Whether we think we’re doing it or not, we’re always selling something: a story, our favorite hair product to a friend, a dish at a restaurant, etc. We all do it and there’s nothing wrong with that. We should embrace it and harness it for our own growth. I personally believe that sales is the most key skill in running a business. Even over the product or service you’re selling. If you can sell, you can succeed.

What is one thing you love about SOWBO and/or being a member of our community?

I love the sisterhood aspect of SOWBO! I’m lucky to be in Nashville and see a lot of my SOWBO sisters regularly. There is something SO fun about knowing you have friends who share a mindset and share goals with you. SOWBO has allowed me to find ALL of my closest friends that I genuinely wouldn’t want to live without. And for that, I’ll always be grateful!

Thanks to Makena Delaney for sharing about her business! We love how she sees the value of relationships in business, especially with women with a similar mindset. That’s what SOWBO is all about, too!

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