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The Society of Women Business Owners, SOWBO, is the most genuine, kind, and caring community—both in person and on the internet—and the best place for busy female entrepreneurs to find support from a dedicated business coach and like-minded business owners. SOWBO isn’t just another community. It’s a family of compassionate, driven women who are genuinely…

March 9, 2024

Today we are excited to feature Kate Hejde, founder of Dear Kate Brand Strategy and SOWBO member! Dear Kate Brand Strategy offers brand strategy, website coaching and design, and Showit templates for creative entrepreneurs with something to say. She helps her clients find their dream clients while being able to focus on the work they…

February 2, 2024

Today we are pleased to feature Brand and Website Designer & SOWBO Member Makena Delaney! Makena Delaney is the founder of The Carlyle Creative. Based in Nashville, TN, Makena build brands, websites, and visuals that boost credibility and confidence. She considers herself a personal guide for her clients on a journey to creating a cohesive,…

October 23, 2023

Today, we are pleased to feature homemaking expert and antique dealer & SOWBO VIP Member Lauren Klein! Lauren Klein is the founder of Inherited and Co., a brand focused on helping homemakers create soul-nourishing, inviting, and memory-filled environments, despite the overwhelm of everyday demands and busyness.  Let’s get to know Lauren and her work. (In…

September 8, 2023

Today we are excited to feature SOWBO Member and founder of The Holistic Collective, Amanda Spence! A massage therapist, Amanda started the Holistic Collective to connect people with wellness and holistic care practitioners in Tennessee in the hopes that this will lead to customized healing to help reclaim energy, balance, and wellbeing. The Holistic Collective…

June 16, 2023

Today we are excited to feature labor, postpartum, and infant care expert, founder of Tennessee Family Doulas and SOWBO VIP Member Tanya Grabbe! Tennessee Family Doulas offers support to women and families through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. Drawing from her own experiences, Tanya helps clients learn about the birth they desire and the…

April 14, 2023

“The more productive I am, the more money I make.” —Dara Sklar This month’s training “Getting Digitally Organized” featured Dara Sklar, Google tools expert and founder of Synced with Dara. She also has an online course “Get Productive with G Suite,” which one of our SOWBO members declared, “The best course I’ve ever taken!” Here…

March 24, 2023

Getting Digitally Organized—with Dara Sklar

Meet Jillian Dolberry! A SOWBO Member, Jillian is the founder of Jillian Dolberry Virtual Services LLC | JDOBM | Serve Your Heart Out, providing coaching for Virtual Assistants (VA) and Online Business Managers (OBM). Jillian helps women create a business structure with room for growth and provides training that supports their values and goals. Knowing…

March 17, 2023

VA and OBM Coach, Jillian Dolberry

What is your highest performing lead source? That is, which lead sources are the easiest for you to close or have the highest closing ratio? Did “referrals” come to mind? Yes, referrals tend to be the highest performing lead source because the vetting has already been done for you—usually by a previous client or vendor.…

February 24, 2023

Today we are excited to feature personal trainer, health coach, and SOWBO VIP Member Vanessa Flores on the blog! Vanessa is the founder of The Strong Fit Life.  In her work, Vanessa helps active but overwhelmed parents prioritize their health and fitness by getting leaner and stronger without sacrificing family time via their one-on-one virtual…

February 17, 2023

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Amanda wants to live in a world where success is measured by genuine relationships, messy vulnerability, and passionate risk-taking. When she’s not working with business owners, you can find Amanda sipping coffee and intensely reading or writing at her favorite local coffee shop.

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