SOWBO VIP for Busy Female Entrepreneurs

The Society of Women Business Owners, SOWBO, is the most genuine, kind, and caring community—both in person and on the internet—and the best place for busy female entrepreneurs to find support from a dedicated business coach and like-minded business owners.

SOWBO isn’t just another community.

It’s a family of compassionate, driven women who are genuinely committed to your success and well-being. We invite you to experience the SOWBO difference firsthand. And, see how our values and approach set us apart from the rest.

Through our exclusive online VIP program, you’ll be able to build relationships with other female entrepreneurs while also honing in on your marketing, sales, and business skills.

What Makes SOWBO’s VIP Program the Best for Busy Female Entrepreneurs?

We love this question! Our unwavering commitment to our core values and our unique approach to fostering genuine connection is unlike any other community. 

We accomplish this through five key differentiators. 

Heart-Center Values 

SOWBO isn’t just about business; it’s rooted in sisterly love, kindness, and generosity – which stems from our Christian values and beliefs. We infuse these principles into every aspect of our business, creating an environment where authenticity and compassion flourish for busy female entrepreneurs. 

Diverse Experience

Our community is made of women from diverse backgrounds, industries, and business stages. This diversity brings a wealth of perspectives and knowledge. It also ensures that you receive well-rounded advice and support tailored to your unique journey.

Personalized Support

We go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. Your success matters deeply to us, and that’s why we offer personalized coaching that covers not just business but your life, relationships, health, and finances, all while staying true to your values and purpose.

Non-Judgmental Space

We understand that life happens, and it can absolutely affect your business journey. SOWBO is a safe, non-judgmental space where you can confide in fellow entrepreneurs about the challenges you face while striving to balance business and life. Hardships, trauma, loss, illness, burn-out… we understand the impact of hard seasons. SOWBO is here to support you as you heal, overcome, & press forward.

Proven Track Record

Many of our members have seen remarkable growth and success, thanks to the support and resources within our community. These real-world success stories speak volumes about the effectiveness of our approach. We have members who have been with us since 2016 and others who have renewed their seat in our VIP coaching program for 3+ years in a row. 

9 Reasons Busy Female Entrepreneurs Should Join SOWBO VIP

When you join SOWBO . . . 

#1 You invest in yourself and your business. 

No doubt you have invested time and money into your business to get it up and running. But have you invested in yourself and the role you play in your business? You can’t run on fumes. No, you have to fill your tank. Joining the SOWBO VIP program is an investment that will provide a strong ROI for you personally and for your business.

#2 You have 24/7 access to your business coach. 

The VIP program is structured with quarterly 1:1 coaching, instead of the typical weekly or bi-weekly sessions. SOWBO VIPs have 24/7 access to their coach through Voxer, which allows for on-the-go thoughts. 

Whether you have a question, need clarification on a business procedure, or just came up with your next brilliant idea for a new product or service, you can send that immediately to your coach. We’ve said before, the right coach is the compass, catalyst, constructive critic, clarifier, and cheerleader that all busy female entrepreneurs need. 

#3 You receive opportunities to connect with high-level business owners who are  serious about growth and balance. 

We know that business owners and entrepreneurs can feel lonely and isolated. You may feel that friends and family are tired of hearing you talk business or don’t understand why you do the things you do. SOWBO VIP Membership enables you to develop relationships with other business owners who understand you and your journey.

#4 You’ll build a network of trusted connections that will open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities you may have never thought possible. 

SOWBO VIPs represent a wide-range of industries. Through our Facebook group, monthly socials, training sessions, and in-person events, you get to know the other members and see ways to work together. People will be quick to refer you and your work to clients, and you will always have someone you can refer to others.

#5 You gain outside perspective and unique business strategies from various industries. 

There are many business principles that apply to any industry. Recently, for example, we’ve discussed navigating content, creating loyal customers, and quick ways to get a cash infusion in your business. There is a wealth of collective wisdom that our members are eager to share with each other.

#6 You’ll feel an injection of brainstorming power and positive energy from other business owners. 

Sometimes you feel like your ideas are going in circles and your energy is depleted. SOWBO can give you that much-needed shot in the arm or infusion of ideas to carry you through a dry season. We need other people when our tank is empty, and you can find them at SOWBO!

#7 You’ll shed the overwhelming feeling of loneliness as our authentic, supportive community rallies you forward. 

Have you ever been in a room full of people who just didn’t get you? They couldn’t understand how you felt, what you needed, or how your brain functioned. We’ve all been there. 

Here’s the truth: entrepreneurship can be lonely. SOWBO was created out of that deep need for community that’s embedded in each of our hearts. When you join us, you’ll find people who truly understand your creative spirit, your business mind, and your heart to help your community. Just because you work alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely in business.

#8 You become the first to access our exclusive, life-changing live experiences

We’ve created a safe community with curated events, like our annual business planning retreat, that provide an energy boost, inspiration, and clarity on next steps for women business owners. Our life-changing events stir up some passion for what you do and build a plan that supports a fulfilled and free life.

#9 You will find that there will be no problem beyond what you can solve with this type of support at your fingertips.

That’s right. Support is just a text, email, or call away. While we may be busy female entrepreneurs, we are available to our SOWBO sisters 24/7!

Join SOWBO Today!

We help busy female entrepreneurs grow their business, connect with a vibrant community and find joy in the journey. Whether you need one-on-one support, quick answers to your business questions, in-person time with like-minded women, or resources to help you be legal, efficient, and knowledgeable, SOWBO has it all!

Join the SOWBO VIP Membership!  

Bringing women with creative spirits, 
business minds, and big hearts together.

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