Memorable Experiences Create Customer Loyalty 

We can agree that customer loyalty flows from good customer service, right? Experts tell us that elements like great communication, easy processes, price transparency, and a positive team environment are the foundation of good customer service.

Today, let’s go deeper and talk about how creating memorable experiences ensures customer loyalty to your small business.

Memorable Moments

Ask yourself: what are businesses to which I am the most loyal? What made me loyal?

When I asked myself these questions and made a list, I realized that the businesses to which I am most loyal were ones where I had some kind of memorable experience that transformed or changed the trajectory of my life—even in a small way.

A personal example is my deep loyalty to Club Pilates. I tell everyone to go there! I can trace my customer loyalty to one specific day when I accomplished a new skill. My instructor came over and said, “Good job, that’s the first time you’ve done that.” I realized he hadn’t shamed me for the month that I couldn’t do the skill, but recognized my progress. Instead, he had been paying attention the whole time and was there to give me immediate encouragement.

In many ways, it was a small thing, but loyalty was born out of that moment.

How can we create memorable experiences for our clients that results in stronger customer loyalty?

Memorable Experiences Create Customer Loyalty 

Now, let’s examine 7 ways that you can create memorable interactions and experiences that will result in amazing customer service and lasting customer loyalty.

#1 Be rooted in your mission and purpose. Why did you start your business? What is your “why” for doing business now? If you remember your mission and purpose, you will bring that conviction and confidence to your customers.

#2 Stir your passion. When you started your business, you most likely had a solution to a problem that you had faced or one that helped others. You wanted to do more good in the world by spreading this help around. You had energy and passion, and you were eager to go out and serve. The longer we are in business, however, the easier it is for that passion to dwindle. Stir the passion again so that you have the energy to help your customer experience those transformational moments.

#3 Be eager to help your customers, letting them know you’re for them. This looks like running toward opportunities to know your customers and to assist them.

#4 Go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. Not because it is required or a good marketing trick, but because you are excited to show up and serve them. Make sure they always feel seen and heard.

#5 Show up and give them 100% attention. We have so many distractions in life that it is hard to give people 100% attention. But, if we can stop multitasking, stop scrolling, and stop thinking 3 steps ahead, we can make meaningful, memorable connections with clients. 

#6 Always speak the truth. Maintain a high standard of integrity and own your own mistakes. Being relatable grows customer loyalty.

#7 Create environments that feel safe and welcoming. This is especially true if part of your client experience is to build community. People remember when they feel safe, welcomed, and included.

The root of loyalty is about connection—feeling seen, safe, and supported.

Benefits of Customer Loyalty

Provide these elements at every point of the process with clients—sales, marketing, on-going customer service—so they have a cohesive experience.

We need to have the vibrant energy on a sales call, listening for their pain points and offering solutions for transformation. And bring that same eagerness to our marketing as we hold a mission mindset and a passion for our products and services. Finally, we need it in our on-going customer service, as we quickly answer questions and find solutions.

And, what do loyal customers do? They come back again and they refer you to others. 

Breaking and Building Customer Loyalty

What are some businesses to which you are no longer loyal? Maybe places that ignored your needs or questions? Or, ones where you felt like you were a number? Places where you didn’t feel connected or maybe you were even treated rudely?

In contrast to those scenarios, creating memorable experiences ensures customer loyalty. Consider preventative measures you can take to make sure that you won’t quit caring or lose your passion or energy. If you feel your eagerness waning, go back to the root of your mission. 

Sometimes when your business grows or you are in a slump, you forget the important things that got you started.

But, if you stay mindful of your mission, stir your passion, and show up for your clients, you will create more of those transformational moments and grow loyal customers!

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