“Be Fully Present” with Personal Trainer, Vanessa Flores

Today we are excited to feature personal trainer, health coach, and SOWBO VIP Member Vanessa Flores on the blog!

Vanessa is the founder of The Strong Fit Life.  In her work, Vanessa helps active but overwhelmed parents prioritize their health and fitness by getting leaner and stronger without sacrificing family time via their one-on-one virtual customized program while providing accountability, guidance, and support. She believes that everyone has time for and deserves a strong, fit life!

Let’s get to know Vanessa and her work. (Look for an awesome freebie at the end.)

What is the specialty that you offer?

1:1 Customized Food, Fitness and Mindset Program. We use kettlebells and intuitive eating principles (a non-diet approach) as our tools.

What is your “why” for being a personal trainer and health coach?

Many parents put themselves on the back burner and take care of everyone else’s needs first. But the most important person in this world is YOU. If you can’t take care of YOU, no one else can be taken care of. I see a lot of parents out of energy and too tired to keep up with their kids. But, they want to and are frustrated that they can’t. I personally struggled a lot with being able to be fully present in super important moments. I don’t want other parents to feel the same! 

My passion is to see parents living the best versions of themselves—for themselves, their kids, and their community,

As a personal trainer and health coach, who is your ideal client?

Active but overwhelmed parents who want to reprioritize their health and fitness to get leaner and stronger without sacrificing family time. 

What makes you different from other personal trainers and health coaches?

There is no other program out there that dives deep into the reason why people struggle with food and fitness. Our program gives you the tools and teaches the skills you need to make life-lasting changes. Our team includes a Health and Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Time Management Coach, Intuitive Eating Nutritionist, Stress Management Aromatherapist, and a Chef. Their expertise is all included in our 16-week program.

Tell us something fun, quirky, or weird that you’d like our readers to know about you?

I was in the Air Force and studied abroad. And, I love adventurous sports! I am a teacher and esthetician turned personal trainer and food coach.

What do you do for fun outside of running your business?

I love trying new restaurants, visiting wineries, going to festivals, and exploring outdoor locations.

Who inspires you?

My husband, my kids and business partner.

What is your big scary dream?

Grow a team and impact 1000+ parents around the world.

Is there one person or thing that you attribute your success to?

My resiliency to follow my dream.

What advice do you have for those on their entrepreneur journey?

Don’t give up no matter what! Perseverance and consistency are key.

What book or podcast do you think every business owner should consume? Why is this important to you?

Atomic Habits because you can incorporate it in every aspect of life.

What is one thing you love about SOWBO and/or being a member of our community?

I love the support and the energetic, full-loving women in the community!

Thanks to Vanessa Flores for sharing about her business! We love her message that taking time for health and fitness gives you the ability to be more fully present in every area of life. You can get to know Vanessa and her work even better by visiting The Strong Fit Life. She has also shared her Fit Parent Kettlebell Quick Start Road Map with workouts and recipes to help you jump start your fitness journey.

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