VA and OBM Coach, Jillian Dolberry

“Keep Going” with VA and OBM Coach, Jillian Dolberry

Meet Jillian Dolberry! A SOWBO Member, Jillian is the founder of Jillian Dolberry Virtual Services LLC | JDOBM | Serve Your Heart Out, providing coaching for Virtual Assistants (VA) and Online Business Managers (OBM).

Jillian helps women create a business structure with room for growth and provides training that supports their values and goals. Knowing that there isn’t ONE plan or path for everyone, Jillian enables her clients to find the perfect formula for them. She is a coach that fights for what matters to her clients—right alongside them!

Let’s get to know Jillian Dolberry and her work. (Look for an opportunity to join Jillian’s free community below!) 

VA and OBM Coach, Jillian Dolberry

What is your “why” for coaching VA and OBM clients?

My why is centered around helping women (like myself) be financial contributors in their families, while also supporting their desire and need to be flexible for their families. 

Who are your ideal VA and OBM clients?

VAs and OBMs who have clients and are already making some income, but looking to double or triple it. These women love helping others too, but know that their time is finite and need to come up with a solid strategic plan to grow their business in a way that honors why they started it in the first place.

What makes you different from other VA and OBM coaches?

Intention. We care about people first. It’s not just about the bottom dollar or profitability, it’s about sustainability that supports the life YOU desire for your family.

Tell us something fun, quirky, or weird that you’d like our readers to know about you?

I was a graphic and web designer for 10 years before focusing solely on VA/OBM work. I also have the preamble of the constitution memorized from the 4th grade.

What do you do for fun outside of running your business?

I love to arrange flowers. I wouldn’t say I am GREAT at it, but I find it to be really fun and a creative outlet for me. And it’s a bonus when I can drop a little mini arrangement on a friend’s doorstep to brighten their day!

Who inspires you?

My son Crew. Holy cow—he is amazing. He has had some hard things happen in his short life but has overcome them and is constantly just getting back up and living life. I love watching him work through things and seeing him KEEP THE JOY.

What is your big scary dream?

To create a small intimate group of women business owners that supports and invests in other women business owners.

Is there one person or thing that you attribute your success to?

God – the end! lol

What advice do you have for those on their entrepreneur journey?

AHHH Keep going!! This is my 4th business and I finally feel in alignment. Everything held a purpose and I’m grateful for it, but the longer I press forward the more I feel so fulfilled. I am amazed at the ways God continues to bless it.

What book or podcast do you think every business owner should consume? Why is this important to you?

Honestly, the Bible has been my biggest teacher on how to deal with messy business situations. It’s important to me for many reasons, but I have found so many answers in those pages and in His spirit as I pour over them.

What is one thing you love about SOWBO and being a member of our community?

The quality and integrity of people in the group. Everyone very quickly feels like “my people” because we all have similar values in our different industries. I also love how we rally for each other. When someone is down or needs something we rally hard!

Thanks to Jillian for sharing about her business and her heart for her clients. If you are a VA or OBM, join her free community for support and advice! 

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