“Financial Decisions are Heart Decisions” Bookkeeping with Bekah Polley

Bekah Polley, Bookkeeper

Meet Bekah Polley! A SOWBO VIP Member, Bekah also is the founder of Perfectly Polley, offering done-for-you bookkeeping services. 

Bekah helps small-to-medium businesses order all their financial details, keep excellent records, and set sound financial goals. She takes this detail-oriented, complicated segment of business off her clients’ plates so that they can focus on running and managing the other parts of their business.  

Let’s get to know Bekah Polley and her work. 

What is your “why” for providing bookkeeping services?

I love inspiring my clients to make smart heart financial decisions while also being able to take care of my family.

Who is your ideal bookkeeping client?

My ideal bookkeeping clients are service-based, mainly small to medium businesses.

What makes you different from other bookkeeping services?

I come at every problem with a perspective of financial decisions are heart decisions. Primarily, my goal is that my client is able to make savvy business decisions from a place of abundance and not desperation.

Tell us something fun, quirky, or weird that you’d like our readers to know about you?

I am a mom of boys. My life is FULL of superheroes and Star Wars, and I wouldn’t want to change that at all.

What do you do for fun outside of bookkeeping?

I love hiking, camping, and gardening.

Who inspires you? 

My family, including my husband, my parents, and my sisters (who are also entrepreneurs)!

What is your big scary dream?

Having a business that can support training teens who will be aging out of the foster care system and can help them see paths that allow them to break the cycles they’ve been taught.

Is there one person or thing that you attribute your success to? 


What advice do you have for those on their entrepreneur journey? 

Show up. Remain Consistent. You are your best tool for your business, so stop the comparison game.

Thanks to Bekah Polley for sharing about her business! We love how she brings heart to numbers and vision to small details.

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