Identify Your Ideal Customer Workbook and Article

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Avatar

If you want your business to be successful, you must know who your products or services are for. If you’re not sure who you’re selling to, it’s time to identify your customer avatar (commonly referred to as your ideal customer). This representation of your ideal buyer is important for countless reasons. When you know your customer, you can: 

  • Develop effective messaging that will appeal to them
  • Demonstrate your unique value based on their needs
  • Determine which marketing channels will reach them best

If you’re not sure how to craft the perfect customer avatar, don’t worry – we’re here to help. But first, we have to share our number one rule for avatar creation: there’s no such thing as too much detail!

A short, vague list won’t take you very far or help you very much. The more information you provide about this person, even though they’re likely fictional, the better you’ll be able to sell to their real-life counterpart. Ready to go? Read on for a few key things you must know about your ideal customer. 


Keeping our “detail rule” in mind, get to know your ideal customer’s demographics. Where does she live? What’s her relationship status? Does she work, and if so, in what capacity? Marketing to a single 20-something entrepreneur in a city apartment is much different than marketing to a stay-at-home-suburban mom in her 40s. 

Desires + Frustrations

What does your ideal customer want? We shouldn’t just be selling a product or a service, we should be selling a solution – something that gets your customer closer to her dream. The businesswoman in the city doesn’t just need a good time management software, she needs more time to be a visionary. Your time management software gives her space to ideate and excel. The mom in the suburbs doesn’t just need a meal planning guide, she needs to calm the chaos in her kitchen. Your meal planner allows her to have peace of mind when someone asks, “What’s for dinner?”

Hobbies + Entertainment

What does your ideal customer do for fun? What makes her laugh? Do you know what she does when she has an unexpected pocket of free time? When we learn what our potential client truly enjoys, we can market our business in a way that will appeal to their fun side. Work and play matter, so don’t let your marketing be all business and no fun. 

Online Habits

Where does your ideal customer spend their time? This will give you a clear picture into your client’s interests and spending habits, as well as providing you the perfect launch pad for advertising.

For example – If you’re in the home decor sector, it’s important to know whether your avatar shops at Target or West Elm, if she prefers trendy pieces or classic style, bold colors or soothing neutrals. Is she a Facebook user, or does she spend her time on Instagram? Does she read influencer blogs or the New York Times Online? Who does she follow online, and who does she currently get her purchase recommendations? All of these insights provide valuable information so that you can price and market your products appropriately.

Organizations + Groups

What communities does your ideal customer belong to? Is she an avid Crossfitter, or does she prefer yoga at home through a virtual membership? Is she a person of faith? Does she care about the environment? Is she involved in a cooking club or local politics or the SPCA in her town? When you learn where your client gets involved, you’ll learn what matters most to her. 

Dive Deeper On Your Ideal Customer

These are just a few of the areas you can – and should! – learn about your potential client. Creating a customer avatar will provide clarity and direction, giving your marketing a major boost and paving the way to success. If you’re ready to create your customer avatar, grab our $7 guide today. We can’t wait to meet your customer!

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