Sowbo Mastermind Retreat 2021

January 2021 Mastermind Retreat Recap

STOP! …and do your BEST happy dance!!! This update is one we can all celebrate. The 2020 COVID pandemic had us all yearning for more community and finally we were able to safely gather after an entire year of isolation. This retreat was originally planned for Spring 2020, but due to the circumstances of the pandemic… we had to push it back an entire year. Thankfully, SOWBO is finally getting back to in-person events and kicking it off with a BIG WIN!

I can tell I made a permanent mindset shift to CEO.

SOWBO Mastermind Retreat Attendee, Dana
Sowbo Mastermind Retreat 2021

I just booked another 1:1 Client… I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for this past weekend. Speaking clearly to my ideal client has been a game changer!

SOWBO Mastermind Retreat Attendee, Claudia

We’ve been receiving these text messages for the last week. We’ve only been back ONE WEEK and so much has shifted for the women who attended our mastermind retreat in Florida. 

Let’s get this party started!

Not sure what a mastermind retreat is? 

A mastermind retreat is a short-term, condensed version of a traditional business mastermind, but without the requirement of a long-term commitment. For those of you who are turned off by traditional masterminds, this structure may be exactly what you need. 

Society of Women Business Owners gifts custom gift items to attendees of mastermind
Each attendee received a custom gift upon arrival.

Our mastermind retreat series are hyper-focused, intimate, and intentional. We keep the groups to twenty women or less and hand-select attendees based on applications. By allowing only one female business owner from each industry to attend, we provide a safe place to discuss upcoming and creative ideas. We also look to diversify the group for a more worldview perspective by considering experience and culture. All attendees hold a competitive and high-achieving mindset which makes the room powerful, deliberate, and focused… ultimately allowing us to be results-driven. 

Society of Women Business Owners Swag Bag Gift
Each attendee also received our iconic SOWBO swag bag with custom luggage tag, soft cotton tee, ink pens, & 2021 attendee badge.

Real community is the goal

By now you may have realized that community is essential to the health and happiness of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re aiming for your own mega empire or intimate small business, having trusted relationships provides a more efficient and joyful journey. 

Society of Women Business Owners Mastermind Retreat 2021
These two rekindled their long-distance friendship as they traveled from Arkansas & Tennessee to meet at the retreat in Florida

We spend a lot of time preparing for our masterminds and creating intentional conversation moments. Our content is structured in such a way that attendees showcase their heart early-on… allowing them to make a more vulnerable connection before we talk about money, strategies, and other important business concepts. Because who wants to discuss the nitty gritty business details with a stranger?!? 

Soceity of Women Business Owners rented a Beach House in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Our goal for each event is for the women to leave with new friends who they can continue the journey with. Based on the group text feed from this past week, I would say this retreat was a friendship-success! We offer a platform for accountability and continued community even after the event is over which makes the continued friendship even easier! 

Serious FOMO!

Scrolling through the photos and watching our behind the scenes videos posted on Insta may give you serious FOMO! (Side Note: FOMO is slang for “the fear of missing out.”) We received many DMs over the last week asking when our next mastermind will be. Especially after we posted our TikTok and Instagram Reel below…

Our mastermind events are intimate, which means that our availability is limited and spots go FAST. If you’re wondering the same, then head over to THIS page to learn more and submit your application. 

What topics did we discuss at the Level Up Mastermind in January? 

We covered a multitude of important business topics, but also allowed time for co-working, self-work, and open discussions. Below is a breakdown of who led which discussions. 

Society of Women Business Owners Mastermind Retreat Workbook 2021

Our Retreat Speakers & Topics

Amanda, Business Strategist & Founder of SOWBO
  • Fundamentals of Vision 
  • Thinking like a CEO vs. Freelancer 
  • Your Road Map Guide for 2021
  • Financial Goal Setting 
  • Dreaming without Limits 
  • Gratitude & Manifesting 
  • How and where do we generate legit leads?
  • Zone of Genius – Make More, Work Less (Download the challenge HERE
Society of Women Business Owner Founder speaks at Mastermind Retreat in Florida 2021
Amanda, Founder of SOWBO, leads women in socially distanced training session.
Mandy Walz, Marketing Strategist & Brand Photographer
  • The Secret To Creating Content That Converts 
  • How to double your website traffic in 2021 with Pinterest 
  • All photos at the event were taken by Mandy Walz of Mandy Liz Photography
  • Mandy Liz Photography is a primary sponsor for SOWBO and helps many female business owners with marketing strategies in addition to capturing beautiful images through her Brand Photography services. 
Society of Women Business Owners hires Mandy Liz Photography to Photograph Mastermind Retreat 2021
Socially distanced photos for our event during the 1-Year COVID Pandemic
Teresa White, Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs 
  • Setting Retreat Intentions 
  • Heart-Check 
  • Niche vs. Avatar 
  • How to be Successful at Marriage AND Business 
Elizabeth McCravy, Website Designer & Business Strategist
  • The Secret to Influencing & Attracting an Audience
  • Keys to a Money-Making Website for the Modern Day 
Larken Lech, President at Digitally Pretty
  • PR Strategies 
  • How to Strategically Create Content for Digital PR 
Jamie Trull, Financial Literacy Coach for Women 
  • How to manage your business finances as your own CFO 
  • How to Profitably Price your Products and Services 
  • (Download Jamie’s training slides and worksheets HERE. They are fantastic!)

Talk about GORGEOUS! 

Our stunning retreat aesthetics were designed by Ashley Goldman of the Home Body Blog. Ashley previously owned Evergreen Events in Nashville and has designed our SOWBO events for years. Though Ashley sold her business years ago – we asked her to make a special trip down from Michigan to place her special touch on our mastermind retreat. The florals, tablescape, cookies, gifts, and all the beautiful details were designed by Ashley Goldman. 

Society of Women Business Owners hires local bakery for custom cookies in Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Shout-out to April at Bonne Vie Specialty Bakery for the delicious and gorgeous cookies!

Want to attend our next mastermind? 

Doors open in a couple of weeks, but you can place your name on the waiting list and find out more details HERE.

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