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SiteGround Website Hosting for WordPress | Product Review

Who are you using for website hosting?

I recently switched from GoDaddy (3 websites) & BlueHost (2 websites) to SiteGround (all sites on one) and HOLY FREAKING MOLY! It was the best decision. Not only is it cheaper/faster/better, but their customer service is off the charts.

No more nickel and diming from GoDaddy. No more long phone calls with GoDaddy or BlueHost trying to figure out my site issues and then ultimately telling me I need to pay for something else to correct it. No more spending hundreds of dollars on subpar website speed.

Brief story from today:

I’m helping my Dad launch his Addiction Freedom Coaching Course website and the WordPress Elementor theme has been having load issues. I’ve been in the developer’s forum explaining my issues and they kept blaming it on my host. So, I called SiteGround (got them on the phone within 5 mins). The customer service rep showed me exactly how and why it wasn’t a host issue. Then, SiteGround provided exactly what I needed to explain to the developer in a custom link.

Long story-short: The developer has now logged in and corrected THEIR issue. We’re getting it handled after a week of problem solving. If it wasn’t for SiteGround – I wouldn’t have been able to figure this out… which would mean wasted money on the theme purchase.

I have at least five similar stories from SiteGround over the last three months since I switched – all great experiences with excellent customer service. So, of course I signed up for their affiliate program today after I got off the phone. And it’s what prompted me to write this product review today. I’m so happy with my decision to switch to SiteGround and I just had to share with all of you. Make the switch to SiteGround!

10 Reasons why you should switch to SiteGround for WordPress or WooCommerce Website Hosting:

  1. SSL is included. Automatic daily backup is included.
  2. WordPress + Woocommerce Hosting is easy to set up.
  3. They never upsell me – it’s just all included for the one price.
  4. The website transfer is stupid-proof (super easy).
  5. The website load speed is extremely fast.
  6. Customer service is FAST & super helpful.
  7. For website marketing agencies – you should know that they have whitelabeling!
  8. The plugins for photo squishing, site caching, & security – no longer needed because they have their own plugins that cover all of this.
  9. You can have unlimited sites with tons of space & high speeds.
  10. Once your website is attracting thousands of viewers per month and your business is taking off, you can easily switch to their designated Cloud Hosting service.


Like I said… It was the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to website hosting on my 6 wordpress sites. I even like it better than WP Engine.

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