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What IS the SOWBO Business Planning Retreat?

Our January Business Planning Retreats are hyper-focused and intentional. We hone in on the power of intimate collaboration among like-minded women. No, this isn’t a conference or girlfriend’s getaway. It’s a life-changing experience that will level up your business.

SOWBO was created by women business owners just like you out of a need for authentic community. You’ll quickly learn that the heart of SOWBO is all about serving YOU. This isn’t some selfish endeavor. Instead, this is about empowering real women to overcome the hardest obstacles, passionately pursue deep callings, make real change in the world, live a life of fulfillment, and do so together

We believe in having fun, making memories, and taking time to rejuvenate. So, we provide an opportunity for that at each retreat! You deserve time away from the household duties and taking care of others. Our events are opportunities for you to take workations, write the expense of the trip off, and work ON the business. Just as important—to allow yourself time to dream, have fun, relax, smile until it hurts, and make everlasting memories with wonderful people.

The Goal of the Business Planning Retreat is REAL Community

Community is essential to the health and happiness of entrepreneurship. Even more, having trusted relationships provides a more efficient and joyful journey!

We spend a lot of time preparing for our retreat. Our content is structured in such a way that attendees showcase their heart early-on. This allows them to make a more vulnerable connection before we talk about important business concepts. Because who wants to discuss the nitty gritty business details with a stranger?!? 

Our goal for each event is for the women to leave with new friends. To that end, we offer a platform for continued community even after the event is over. (This makes the continued friendship even easier!)

SOWBO’s Annual Retreat is for You if You . . .

  • Own an existing business that sells products or services.
  • Have been in business for at least one year, but you are ready to grow your revenue and profits.
  • Need a few days to focus on your business (rather than in it!).
  • Desire quiet time by yourself to focus, but also expert marketers nearby to ask the “how to’s.”
  • Feel that you’ve got tons of ideas, but no one to bounce them off of.
  • Want a tribe of women you can trust & who will understand.
  • Want to make an impact in the world.
  • Need to soak up the sounds of beach waves, sip on some wine on the porch swing, feel the warmth of a bonfire, and watch the sunset with other hard-working women who understand.

Recapping Business Planning Retreat 2022 

This year, we gathered at the beautiful Carillon Beach Community in the Florida Panhandle. Covering a multitude of business topics, we also allowed time for co-working, self-work, and open discussions. Here are some of our topics and speakers:

Heart Check & Assessment

Why does Mindset Matter? 

CEO Perspective 

Abundance Mindset

Vision Framework 

5 Steps to Strategizing Your New Year 

Setting Goals for 2022

How to Create a Visual of the Year

Quarterly and Monthly Goals

Financial Goal Setting

Money Strategy

Anna Kornick on Your Winning Week

Takisha Bromell on Building Capacity & Operations

Work Less, Make more Challenge 

It was all we expected—and more! Now this is the perfect way to start the year, focusing on the business and spending time with like-minded women.

All the Details!

At our 4-day retreat, you’ll enjoy a combination of group and individual business planning time. And, you’ll also experience quality time with other high achieving women business owners. 

What’s included:

  • Pre-Event Coaching Session to go over your intentions and goals for the retreat
  • Networking opportunities to meet other high-achieving women
  • A full day of sessions focused on reclaiming your purpose, passions, and business intentions along with CEO vision planning training
  • A day of collaboration, brainstorming, & discussion on how to grow, scale, and/or profit your business
  • An overview of the tools you’ll need and resources you should know about
  • Planning guides to map out your upcoming year
  • Connection to vetted vendors and service providers
  • Beautiful and intimate Retreat experience in Carillon Beach
  • Special discount rates to Carillon Beach Resort Inn plus free private travel planning services from our travel agent
  • Post-event, remote coaching session

SOWBO Business Planning Retreat 2023—Join Us!

We are already making plans for next year’s event, January 24 – January 28, 2023 at the Carillon Beach Community. The goal is to have 20 women gather together for business strategy, learning and planning. 

Come with us to the beach in January 2023! It will be a huge benefit for your business—and for you! You can learn more here! Ready? Go ahead and get registered today!

Bringing women with creative spirits, 
business minds, and big hearts together.

Join Us.

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