SOWBO Has a Mastermind Group for YOU

For years, SOWBO has known that one key to finding outside perspective, accountability, and a safe place to vet your ideas is to join a mastermind group. (It’s also a great way to ensure greater success in business.)

What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group involves peer-to-peer meetings where each member gives and receives advice and feedback. These are not training or teaching sessions; instead, there are specific questions or “hot seat” interviews to get the conversation started. There may be a theme or topic introduced that is of interest to every member in the group.

The best mastermind groups are built on mutual interests and trust. They are a place to be honest about your successes and challenges. And, a time for others to hold you accountable, remind you of your long-term goals, shore up your strategies, and give you perspective from their experiences. And, in turn, you will use your expertise and experience to do the same for them.

The Benefits

Maybe you are starting to see how beneficial a mastermind group would be for you and your business. You can . . .

  • Sharpen your skills. As you contribute to the conversation and listen to others, you are going to get better at articulating your ideas, synthesizing information, and listening to others. These skills are essential in any business industry.
  • Increase your knowledge. While a mastermind group is not a class, you will grow in your knowledge about strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, technology, and operations.
  • Build your network. Engaging in in-depth sessions with others will help you gain referrals and have quality recommendations to give to your clients and friends.
  • Get support for work and life. Nobody knows the ups and downs of business like someone else in business. The best mastermind groups become a tight-knit community who you can look to and lean on.
  • Celebrate your successes

The SOWBO Mastermind Group Experience

SOWBO has divided our masterminds into three groups based on business experience. We have found that masterminds with high-achieving, like-minded people in the same season of business are the most effective and rewarding.

So, which mastermind group is best for you?


Is this you? You’re the sole operator of your business. You have a couple of subcontractors, but you’re not managing team members on a daily or even weekly basis. Your business has consistent revenue and your foundation feels solid. Your current focus may be around growing, scaling, hiring, automating, improving processes, etc. 

If this describes you and your season of business, consider SOWBO’s Solopreneur mastermind group. Look what members are saying about SOWBO’s Solopreneur:

Established CEO

Are you leading and managing processes, departments, and people? Does your business have consistent revenue and your foundation feels solid? Your current focus may be around growing, leadership development, human resources, legal protection, accounting/payroll, improving systems/processes. Sometimes you’re in the weeds of the production, but you are striving to be in the CEO seat more often. 

If this describes you and your season of business, consider SOWBO’s Established CEO mastermind group. Here is what members are saying:

Foundation Builders 

Does this describe the season of business you are in? You’re building the customer base of the business, figuring out your customer’s journey through your business, and still building out your core offers to your ideal customers. Your current focus may be around finding and keeping the ideal client, determining your core values, mapping out your processes, researching software, and other fundamental pieces of your business. 

If this sounds like you, join SOWBO’s Foundation Builders mastermind group. Here’s what our Foundation Builders members are saying:

Join a SOWBO Mastermind Group 

As a SOWBO member, you’ll select which mastermind best aligns with where you are right now in business. Then, we’ll group you with other members for a virtual mastermind session. Your same group will meet once per month via Zoom! 

We aren’t made to go it alone! We realized early on that entrepreneurs and small business owners need community in order to stay energized, focused, and successful. SOWBO was created as a place where women (like you!) can find like-minded, high-achieving peers. Everything’s better when we do business—and life—together. Masterminds are a great way to find the business community you need.

Join SOWBO today to experience a life-changing, business-enhancing mastermind!

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