Journey Together: Building Community at Passive Income Mastermind

Building community at the SOWBO Mastermind

SOWBO was created out of a need for authentic relationships. As a result, every aspect of our work focuses on building a rich community and deep friendships. When planning, we listen closely to our community of women. Which topics and trainings would be most useful? Help them grow in business? Most importantly, how can we develop deeper relationships?

In conversations, coaching sessions, and in our Facebook group, we received many questions about passive income. So, we knew it would be the perfect topic for our September Mastermind Event! We reserved the gorgeous Graduate Hotel in Midtown Nashville. Then, we started planning and preparing.

A vibrant, diverse group of women business owners gathered September 7-10th. For 4 days, we soaked up everything we could about passive income. (Oh, and LOTS of laughing!)


What is a mastermind? Running a business is hard work! It is easy to get burned out or lose sight of your goals. But, a mastermind can make running a business easier. A mastermind retreat is a short-term version of a traditional business mastermind.

SOWBO’s mastermind retreats are hyper-focused, intimate, and intentional. For instance, we keep the groups to twenty women or less. Also, only one female business owner from each industry attends. This provides a safe place to build community and discuss creative ideas. All attendees hold a high-achieving mindset. Thus, the room is powerful and focused. 

Above all, masterminds are an investment in our community of women business owners. Those who attend make strong connections with the all the other women. Overall, masterminds are challenging, exciting, and FUN!


What did we learn at the Passive Income Mastermind? As small business owners, there are many reasons why passive income is the next step. For example, if you already have an established product or service, you can grow and build more financial wealth without working harder. (Yes, please!)

Our speakers—all successful online passive income earners—were both informative and inspiring! They shared their personal experiences. Then, they answered all our burning questions about passive income.

Sessions included:

  • How Online Courses Generate Income
  • How to Add Affiliate Marketing
  • What is Drop Shipping?
  • Sales Funnels 101
  • Converting Sales Page

Each session was full of actionable content. In the end, we all left with an action plan on how to add passive income streams to our business once we returned home.


Whoa! What can we say? The insta-worthy Graduate Hotel was stunning. In addition, Ashley Goldman accentuated our meeting space with her vibrant design. Ashley, of the Home Body Blog, has designed our SOWBO events for years. We asked her to make a trip down from Michigan to place her special touch on our mastermind. Seriously, can you believe these colors??

This is also a good time to thank our AMAZING photographer Mandy Walz of mandyliz!! She captured it all, perfectly!


Building community at the SOWBO Mastermind

Ultimately, SOWBO connects women business owners so we can journey together. Mastermind’s are one way that we accomplish that goal. Hands down, the relationships are the most life-changing aspect of the event. These women are amazing. While you are building community them, you feel inspired and strengthened.

Yes, gathering motivated, like-minded women enhances business savvy. It also provides networking opportunities and ensures we can level up in business. But, most of all, it produces life-long friendships. When we journey together, everything is richer.

We know that isolation is a dream killer. On the other hand, being in community allows you to dream big and make those dreams—even the big scary ones—into a reality.

Building community at the SOWBO Mastermind


Great news! You can jump right into the SOWBO community via one of our amazing events! Coming up we have our 2-day Virtual Pinterest and Blogging Summit, October 28-29, and the SOWBO 2022 Planning Retreat in January.

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