That’s how long you have to convince a potential client that they’ve come to the right place when they land on your site.

It seems crazy, but it’s true – the first few seconds a potential client spends interacting with your business will indicate the success of your entire sale. This is why eye-catching copy matters, especially your “hero text” – the first words your customers read can hook them in or push them away. 

If you’re generating web traffic that isn’t converting curious readers into customers, you most likely have a messaging problem. If you’re not seeing the conversion rates you’ve dreamed up, it’s a great time to hire a copywriter to assist you with web copy, blogs, emails, and social captions. Now, more than ever, eye-catching copy matters — and good copy is all about good messaging. 

Great messaging and eye-catching copy matters for three reasons:

1 – Connect with your reader.

To craft a great opening line, you have to understand who you’re pitching yourself to, as well as why they need what you have to offer. If you’ve heard it from us once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: you have to know your customer. Your product or service will not be successful until you know who you’re selling it to. Learn about your customer. Capture their attention early, and you’re more likely to keep it — and convert it into a sale. Most importantly, learn about their hesitations and objections. What would keep them from making a purchase from you? Calm those fears and bust the myths they might be holding, and you’ll have them ready to read on.

2 – Convey your purpose/passion. 

Now that you have their attention, it’s time to introduce yourself. Telling your story allows potential customers to know and trust you — and to trust your product or service, too. You believe in your business, of course. You just have to make others believe in it, too. Web copy is one of the most powerful ways to do that. Describe your own pain points that led you to create this business to help others, offer unique insight that highlights your expertise in your field, and explain just how much you love what you do. Clients will buy from an expert they trust, so be a trustworthy, passionate problem-solver and they’ll be ready to commit. 

3 – Convert your reader into a customer. 

Your website copy can build a solid relationship before you’ve even personally interacted with your future client or buyer, making them feel as though you’ve gotten to know one another. Great messaging helps clients feel heard and understood. It gives you the opportunity to jump in and convince them that you are the right person for the job, that you understand their pain points and you’re here to offer valuable solutions. Think about why your customer needs your product or service, and how their life will improve once they have it! Then, write from the perspective of that transformation. By the time they leave your website, they should know that they can solve the problem they have with you there to help. 

Web copy is one of the most powerful ways to hook new customers, build relational equity, and provide clarity around what you offer — and why you love and believe in it. If you’re ready to create great messaging around your business, start by knowing your ideal client. Building a customer avatar is our “step one” strategy for marketing well, and our worksheet will walk you through it, step by step. For just $7, you’ll have your ideal client in hand, and you’ll know just how to speak the language they’ll love. 

Know your client, but not sure where to start with messaging? We’d love to help. Crafting web copy that converts readers into customers is a strategic method. It all starts with a deep-dive into your ideal customer. Book your discovery call today to meet with one of our SOWBO business strategists.

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