Hot Business Tools for 2021

Hot Business Tools for 2021

Experts tell us that breakfast, wide-leg jeans, driving gloves, and the color yellow are all trending in 2021. While you work through those (driving gloves?), let the SOWBO team get you up to speed on the Hot Business Tools for 2021!

Y’all already know that to do any job well you need the right tools; in your case, it is essential to invest in the right business tools to accomplish your tasks flawlessly and efficiently. Good tools can actually expand your capabilities and take your work to a higher level of productivity and professionalism. And, the best tools keep you up-to-date in your industry and the marketplace while improving overall owner, team, and client experience.

Finding the right resources for your business can be overwhelming and a little intimidating. You don’t want to waste time or money on something that isn’t a good fit for you and your business. 

But, have no fear . . . because SOWBO has curated a list of Tools We Love in our Resource Library! We’ve organized SOWBO-tested and SOWBO-approved favorites into five categories—Marketing, Productivity, Client Management, Website, and Business—all to help you quickly find the business tools and resources you need to scale and succeed.

Hot Business Tools for Marketing and Productivity in 2021:

Let’s look closely at four of our can’t-live-without tools (two of which come with an AMAZING 50%-off coupon) from our Marketing and Productivity lists: 

#1 The Hottest Email Platform of 2021 is FloDesk

An emailing marketing platform, FloDesk, allows you to design and send marketing emails, create automated email workflows, and grow your email list. 

Using their templates or your own design, FloDesk will help you to prepare beautiful, professional, on-brand emails or newsletters. This will help you keep in touch with your clients and potential clients. One of the features we use most is the FloDesk workflow. It allows you to set up a series of automatic emails and responses. Think of it like a flow chart. Depending on the action the receiver takes, FloDesk automatically sends a follow-up email. Or, it can even resend the original email in case it was overlooked and unopened the first time.

FloDesk is $38/month for unlimited emails, unlimited subscribers, and access to all the features. Also, you can dive deep by visiting FloDesk University and learn more from their instructors and members. And, great news, SOWBO has a 50%-off coupon to encourage you to sign up today!

P.S. If you’ve been receiving the emails from SOWBO and you like the way they look – well, those are done in FloDesk!

#2 Artificial Intelligence (ai) is helping with is a tool to help generate any kind of written content or copy that you need, including product descriptions, social media or blog posts, and website or sales copy.

By giving you tools for brainstorming, outlining, phrasing as well as finished copy, keeps your content productivity high. It helps when you are feeling low on inspiration and like you are just saying the same thing over and over (and over) again. 

How does it work? Simply name your project, pick from one of 70 tools (like Digital Ad Copy or Social Media Content), describe your idea or project in a few words, and hit “create.” Then, edit, save, and publish!’s small business account, called Solo, is $35/month and comes with unlimited runs, access to all the tools, 24/7 email support, and a membership to their Premium Community. Again, SOWBO is happy to offer a 50%-off coupon for to get you producing a variety of excellent content ASAP!

#3 The productivity app that has all the buzz right now… ClickUp!

A cloud-based work platform, ClickUp, helps you to manage work, create docs, assign tasks to and collaborate with team mates, and keep track of clients and projects. It also allows you to integrate all your platforms. ClickUp goes a long way to keep you organized. It also allows you to manage EVERYTHING in one place.

They offer a great free account or a $5/month membership that gives unlimited storage, integrations, and dashboards. 

#4 No one can operate business without Canva in 2021

We can’t say enough about Canva —a tool that we use EVERYDAY because they have templates for EVERYTHING . . . Logos, Flyers, Instagram and Facebook posts (publish these directly from Canva), Presentations, Videos, Letters and Reports, Planners, Checklists, and much more!

From creating internal-use planners and templates to external-use posts and presentations, Canva has got you covered. If you can dream it, they can do it! They also have beautiful, on-message stock photos that you can use to support your brand and business. 

What could be better? How about that Canva is free for individuals and supports sharing, downloading, and printing? Yes, please! We can’t recommend Canva highly enough! 

Invest, Scale, and Soar – with our entire toolbox!

Hopefully, we’ve persuaded you for that very little (or even NO) money, you can have the industry’s best assets right at your fingertips. Now you are ready to pack your toolbox with everything you need to grow unhindered in this next season of business! These business tools are hot for a reason. 😉

Visit the Tools We Love section inside our Resource Library for more business tools, links, and access to our great coupons.

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