The Future of SOWBO Announced

Have you noticed the recent changes to our website? or the added Resource area? How about the Lunch & Learn series? And the strategy days? or what about the Mastermind Trips?

We’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing since the COVID shut-down in 2020 and we’re excited to announce a new (and improved!) future for SOWBO for 2021! Keep reading to see what the future holds for SOWBO and it’s members. It’s an update that you honestly don’t want to miss!

Five Ways We are Helping Women Business Owners in 2021

Let’s first talk about what we’ve already built for you so far this year (and it’s only the beginning of March!). Below are five ways we are improving our support system for female entrepreneurs in 2021.

1) Recommended Tools

We’ve added a Resource Center to the website. We’ve just completed Phase 1 of the Resource Center build out and it’s already incredibly helpful for women business owners everywhere and in every stage.

The first leg of the build out included a Recommended Tools section in which we are providing you with all the trusted tools you need to run a successful and seamless business. We’ve also started providing detailed feedback on some of our favorite tools while comparing them to other available options. You can check out our first detailed review of the tool SiteGround for website hosting.

2) Digital Guides

We also rolled out with our first set of digital guides. Below is a list of digital downloadable workbooks that we created based on the feedback you gave us in the January survey.

The CEO Planning Guide assists you in mapping out your business strategies from a CEO perspective. It incorporates the previous year’s data and your future plans – all from a high level perspective. Use this document to create your own CEO dashboard and successful strategy plan for your business.

The Business Registration Guide provides a step-by-step guide to making your business legal, legit, & protected. This guide breaks it down into ten in-depth steps to getting your business fully registered and ready for operation.

The Core Values Guide walks you through establishing the core values for YOU as a CEO, Business Owner, & Entrepreneur.

The Ideal Customer Workbook guides you through how to identify your ideal customer or client for your business. It asks all the right questions in order to develop effective messaging, your unique value proposition, and marketing channels in order to attract or get in front of your ideal customer.

3) Friday Lunch & Learn Series

We rolled out with a Friday Lunch & Learn series inside of our Facebook Group. The trainings are free and our group is free! We took a poll inside the group and found that Friday at lunch is the best time to host these live trainings, but we also post the recording on our YouTube Channel.

Each training is centered around requests from our January survey and those topics that come up in our member strategy sessions.

We kicked off the Lunch & Learn series discussing CEO Mindset and even rolled out with a Work Less, Make More Challenge in February. It’s been a big hit & the consistent feedback has been positive results!

4) Strategy Sessions

When COVID shut many of us down in 2020, we found ourselves hosting intimate gatherings in front of our whiteboards and trying to restructure our income streams. And though it started off as just a thing we did to help our members walk through the hurdles of 2020, it turned into something we absolutely LOVE hosting. Those gatherings turned into what we now call… VIP Strategy Days. You can find out more HERE.

5) 4-Day Mastermind Getaways

Our mastermind getaways are an experience like no other! We hosted our first getaway in Fall of 2019, but then had to pause for the entire year due to the pandemic. Though it was heart-wrenching at first, it allowed us time to level up the experience even more. We resumed our mastermind getaways in 2021 and you can read all about our first one of the year here.

Our next 4-day mastermind is all about Passive Income and will be hosted in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. For those of you looking for an excuse to visit Nashville – we’ve got you babe! Reserve your spot here.

One unique thing about our mastermind experiences is that we only accept ONE person from each business type. We do this so that when you attend, you can be vulnerable and honest without needing to worry about competitors in the room.

Learn more about our upcoming mastermind getaways HERE!

What’s else is coming to SOWBO?

As if the future of SOWBO couldn’t get any brighter… We’ve still got many wonderful phases mapped out for the resource center including our Amazon Shop List, Recommended Read List, Job Opportunity Board, & Preferred Vendor List. These items have all been by request and we promise – they are coming!

Another fun project we’ve been working on is the SOWBO Swag Shop. This shop is about 90% completed and we can’t wait to share it with you! Think women supporting women, encouragement, reminders that you’re awesome, & setting new trends… that’s everything that the new SOWBO Shop will represent when it rolls out this year!

The future of SOWBO is BRIGHT! If you’ve got recommendations or requests for SOWBO, then please send them to We love creating for you!

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