Hiring business coaches

Hiring Business Coaches in 2022

The coaching world has really expanded over the years. There appears to be a coach for anything and everything. So, which business coach should you hire? 

First, let’s look first at why you should hire a coach and then which coach(es) might be best for you in this season.

Why Should I Hire a Business Coach?

Because coaching is such a big part of what we do, we’ve explored different facets of the topic in SOWBO articles like 5 Signs that You Need to Hire a Business Coach and Why Everyone is Hiring a Business Coach in 2021.

Ultimately, a business coach can enhance you, your leadership, and your business by . . .

  • Helping you set better goals 
  • Reducing mistakes 
  • Keeping decision fatigue at bay 
  • Providing objective feedback and accountability
  • Teaching you things you don’t know 
  • Checking your blind spots
  • Giving you confidence and peace of mind
  • Cheering you through every season
  • Helping you achieve great success

Now, Which Business Coach Should I Hire?

Once you see their great value, it is time to decide which kind of coach you need to hire. Remember, some of these will be short-term relationships. For example, the coach might teach you a certain skill. Once you’ve mastered it, the coach has done her job. Other coaches will walk with you for years, serving as that on-going accountability partner, objective influencer, and cheerleader for your business.

Let’s look at a general list of coaches that would apply to all business owners. As a bonus, we’ve added the names of some of the awesome coaches inside our SOWBO community.

Coaches for Every Business Owner

#1 Mindset Coaches help people identify and revise patterns of thinking, especially those that might be blocking growth or hindering confidence. (Shout out to VIP member, Claudia McDivitt!)

#2 Stress Management Coaches enable clients to manage and shed stress in order to flourish and succeed. (Shout out to Laura Jarvis, a SOWBO VIP member!)

#3 Life Coaches take a holistic approach to helping clients integrate business and life, focusing on the mind and the body. (Shout out to Maria Hyatt, Previous SOWBO Speaker!)

#4 Industry Specific Coaches walk clients through the nitty gritty of their industry—its history, trends, and markets. (Shout out to Jenn Collins for subscription boxes and Amanda Bennett for podcasting!)

#5 Every business owner needs written content: website, blogs, newsletters, emails, sales and marketing materials, proposals . . . this list could go on and on. A Copywriting Coach can give you the assistance you need to make sure all your copy is professional, on brand, consistent, and meaningful. (That’s VIP member, Emily Conley!)

#6 Similarly, a Social Media Coach can help you with all the content you need to get noticed on social media platforms, generate leads, and secure more sales.

#7 A Sales Coach (Shout out to Natasha Hemmingway, Renee Hibrar, Michelle Terpstra—all speakers at SOWBO’s fall Mastermind!) can teach clients a variety of sales tactics and options, finding a great fit for their specific industry and business. 

#8 Clients can connect with more customers via a Marketing Coach. (Shout out to SOWBO favorites, Adrienne Richardson & Kristen McCall!)

#9 Have a training, workshop, or course that would be helpful to share with others? An Online Course Coach can ensure your content and delivery methods are spot on! (Shout out to Amy Porterfield!)

#10 A Bookkeeping Coach can help you bring clarity to your business’ finances, manage your own finances, and set attainable financial goals. (Shout out to Erika Millard, SOWBO VIP Member!)

#11 General Business Coaches who offer broader programs—that’s SOWBO!

SOWBO, Business Coaching for You

We encourage you to hire the coach who does the specific thing, but never forsake your general business coach or entrepreneur community. These are your on-going lifeline for every season of business. Our article, 3 Reasons to Hire a Non-Industry Specific Business Coach, will give you even more insight on hiring a business coach.

We would love to talk with YOU! Book a discovery call today to learn how SOWBO’s coaching can help you. And, if you haven’t already, join our active Facebook group and jump into SOWBO’s dynamic community! 

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