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Gift Ideas that won’t look last minute even though they are! We know what it’s like to be busy during the holiday season, especially if you’re in the retail market. We curated a fun guide for last minute gifts that can all arrive by Christmas Eve! Of course, you’ll have to use Amazon, but who…

Gift Ideas for the Female Entrepreneur We know that strong and independent women can be difficult to buy for on some occasions. That’s why we keep a list going on our Amazon storefront! We work with female entrepreneurs, creatives, and women business owners every single day. Shoot! We are them! So trust us when we…

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Through one-to-one business coaching sessions, classroom style training, and live events, Amanda helps women achieve measurable results while not losing sight of their unique influence and greater purpose. 
Amanda wants to live in a world where success is measured by genuine relationships, messy vulnerability, and passionate risk-taking. When she’s not working with business owners, you can find Amanda sipping coffee and intensely reading or writing at her favorite local coffee shop.

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